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Thunder live at The SSE Arena Wembley, London, January 20th, 2016


Words by: Robert Sutton

Images by: Robert Sutton Photography


Thunder, Terrorvision and King King teamed up for a five date UK arena tour with the last date of the tour being at Wembley on the 20th February.

King King: Are a rapidly rising rock/blues band from Glasgow and reading Alan Nimmo’s (vocals/guitars) social media postings I think he was just a tad excited to be playing at Wembley. Attired in his usual gig wear of Scottish kilt and jack boots and with the able assistance from Lindsay Coulson (Bass), Wayne Proctor (drums) and Bob Fridzema (keyboards) they made a great start to the evening and got the crowd on their side virtually from the start of their first song. What a great opening act and I’m sure they will be doing their own headline tours at the larger venues very shortly.

King King_1

Terrorvision: A five piece rock/metal/power pop band from West Yorkshire formed in the late 80’s disbanded in the early 2000’s and then reformed in 2005…So it’s not surprising that we are all a little confused about them…but are glad that they are back playing live again and now just wanting another new album from them, as their last one ‘Super Delux’ was released back in 2011. With Tony Wright’s (vocals) non-stop dancing and constant moving around the stage all night I’m surprised he had any energy left to actually sing out the hits, but he did and my was it a super set, with the crowd singing along in fine voice and joining in for much of their performance. Where have they been for the last few years??  They need to be back touring and showing audiences just how great they are to see live. (Tony even had enough energy at the end of their set to do hand stand on stage!!)



Thunder:  Well what can I say about Thunder??…Originally formed back in 1989 when Terraplane disbanded, and they themselves split in 2009.  I used to say that they were the most ‘un-retired retired band that I know of’, but now they are officially un-retired and back doing proper tours and not just one-off shows, I cannot use that catchphrase about them anymore…Cheeky chappy Danny Bowes (vocals) still has such a great voice and really does know how to please a crowd with both his singing voice and also his jovial banter with the audience between (and during) songs, combined with the excellent guitarist Luke Morley and supported by Chris Childs (bass), Ben Matthews (keyboards and guitar) and ‘with the man with no hair’ (as Danny says), Harry James (drums) they make a rather super line-up.

They opened up their set with ‘Wonder Days’ the title track from their current album, which was released just about one year ago. ’Black Water’ from the same album was up next before they then went back to a track from their third album ( Behind Closed Doors) from 1995 for ‘River of Pain’. They carried on with a mix of old and new songs and with Danny saying it was great to be at Wembley and that no other band was on after them! About half way through they played the fantastic song ‘Backstreet Symphony’ and then ‘Love Walked In’ was played four songs later, both from the first album ‘Backstreet Symphony’. They finished their standard set with the super ‘I Love You More than Rock ‘n’ Roll’ from their seventh album ‘The Magnificent Seventh’.

Their encore consisted of ‘Serpentine’ from the latest album and the classic ‘Dirty Love’ again from ‘Backstreet Symphony’.

What an absolutely excellent evening’s performance not only from the headline act but also from the two other bands.






1: Wonder Days

2: Black Water

3: River of Pain

4: Resurrection Day

5: Like a Satellite

6: The Devil Made Me Do It

7: Empty City

8: Backstreet Symphony

9: I’ll Be Waiting

10: The Thing I Want

11: When The Music Played

12: Love Walked In

13: I Love You More Than Rock ‘n’ Roll

14: Encore:

15: Serpentine

16: Dirty Love

Thunder’s new album ‘Wonder Days’ is available to buy now.

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