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Asylum City Zoo EP Launch Party, Live at the Grand Central, Manchester



So tonight we headed down to Grand central in Manchester to catch Asylum City Zoo for their EP launch party, for their new EP ‘Bait The Hook’. Up first were a 4 piece metal band called The Forgotten Age from Bangor, Gwynedd UK. Their songs have a mix of metalcore/prog and symphonic metal style. The vocals are clean and clear throughout their set, the drums heavy which are accompanied by prominent guitars and heavy bass riffs.

I find the melodies entrancing as both the vocalist and backing vocalist work well together throughout this well oiled set.

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Next up are Another Dead Hero who are a 5 piece Alternative metal band who hail from Burnley UK. This group enfuse a mix of Deftones/Rage Against The machine. With a vocalist Josh shows versatility doing both clean and growly vocals, even after he dives off stage gets tangled in the mic wires and faceplants the floor, he still gets back up and carries on as if nothing happened and gives an outstanding performance. Deep booming bass, crunching guitar rhythms and pounding drums, this band brings a heavy metal assault to your ears.

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Last but by no means least are Asylum City Zoo, a band that i have been eager to see, and finally getting round to see live here in Manchester tonight for their EP launch party. Asylum City Zoo are a Manchester based metal band, here performing their latest EP ‘Bait The Hook’ which is their second EP. These guys have been assaulting our ears for the last 3 years on the music scene with their ear bleeding riffs. Asylum City Zoo start the night with ‘Circus’ which gets the crowds pumped up, and instantly like someone has switched on a light switch a buzz fills the air.

Frontman Mark shows power through his vocals, which at times are a little gravelly but mainly clean throughout, along with his guitar riffs, which soar that immediately, grab my attention. Bassist Bob, the entertainer of the group with his crazy antics, wacky head wear and sporting his kilt along with his stuffed gorilla mascot Fuzzius Modo, between the energetic thrusts and heavy bass grooves this bassist doesn’t hold back. Next they do ‘Bait the Hook’, followed by ‘transplant’ which Toms shows depth and control while pounding out some ferocious drumbeats.

If you like your music loud then you will love these guys, especially with tracks such as ‘Sober’ its like your almost being smite by the god of thunder when the guitars in this track rain down and obliterate your ears.

Next is ‘Determined’ to which the band execute an impressive explosion which you just instantly want to bang your head to, this song has a lighter feel but still in keeping with that dark edge. What can I say about the next track they perform ‘Hold’, there is a lot of moody bass within this track, mixed with alot of skilful fast paced guitar work. ‘Nil by Mouth’ is raw and unearthed, with Rishi shredding it up on guitar; these guys have a major impact upon the crowds, which have increased massively since they hit the stage.

The band makes us think they are finishing with ‘5 x The pain’, but we all know they are just teasing us. As the night draws to a close the crowds the crowds chant for more, the band comes back on to finish with ‘Favourite Drug’ to which they get the crowds to sing along with.

This eccentric band have nailed their niche on the music scene, they have delivered an epic performance tonight, one that leaves the adrenaline pumping. For an EP launch party this has certainly been a night to remember!

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