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Worlds Apart lead singer Jason MacDavid (Jay Davids) diagnosed with terminal cancer


It pains me to have received this note in my email the other day, from Jeff, aka JAS a friend of our site and member of Worlds Apart, about the terminally grave state of their lead singer Jason MacDavid (Jay Davids), very tough to read this. We as a site don’t normally plug any go fund me campaigns as a means of being balance and neutral, but being that Worlds Apart was one of the very first bands we covered when I first started the website, I made the decision to publish the note and link below to help out.

I understand that you may not have known Jason or his family personally, or chances are that you may not have heard of their band, but as a feel good gesture please be kind and donate if you can to help Jay’s family with the medical bills and the burden of being in a situation like this. I can personally say that I have been there and I know how it feels when you suddenly loose someone very close to you. Please take the time to donate if you can. Best wishes to Jay and his family. Stay Strong!!!


Thanks JAS for sending the note over.


MGM founder — Denys


Jay #3

I regret to inform you that our lead singer Jason MacDavid (Jay Davids) has been diagnosed with terminal Cancer and will not make it as he is on his last days. There has been a Gofundme page set up to help his family and if you would be so kind as to post the link and send the message out through your site and social media the band and I would greatly appreciate it. Below is the link.


Jason’s Medical Bills & Family Fund


Thank you for all your support through the years!



Worlds Apart

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