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The Treatment – Generation Me review

Released By: Frontiers Music

Released: 18th March

Genre: Hard Rock

Line Up:
Mitchel Emms-Lead Vocals
Tagore Grey-Guitar
Rick ‘Swoggle’ Newman-Bass
Tao Grey-Guitar
Dhani Mansworth-Drums

Track Listing:
Let It Begin
The Devil
Tell Us The Truth
Generation Me
Backseat Heartbeat
Cry Tough
We Are Beautiful
I Know She Knows
Better Think Again
Light The Sun

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Things might be finally starting to settle down for Cambridge rockers The Treatment. Despite causing waves of excitement with their first two albums, This Might Hurt and Running With The Dogs, the band suffered a bunch of personnel changes since their 2008 birth, most notably the 2015 departure of vocalist Matt Jones. This could have set off alarm bells with most bands, but the ship was quickly steadied with the recruitment of vocalist Mitchel Emms and guitarist Tao Grey to the ranks.

Big things are expected with this album, and the clatter that they make with opener Let It Begin, shows that these lads really mean business. A rampaging curtain raiser, their youthful effervescence is cascading all over this track with its uncompromising power. Despite not having a long haired scruff among them, and appearing like they could be just as happy prancing about in front of Simon Cowell, the old “looks are deceiving” line seriously comes into play here. The AC/DC licked The Devil and the turbo velocity mayhem of Tell Us The Truth are both delivered with a venomous growl.

The more you listen to title track Generation Me the more you think it might be better served as an instrumental. Opening with an infectious driving rhythm, the whole vibe is somewhat spoiled by the underwhelming verses and equally mundane chorus. That by no means takes away from the performance of Mitchel Emms. He may not sport the vocal gymnastics of the likes of Bruce Dickinson or Ian Gillan, but he’s far from limited, and his monstrous display on this record is a major highlight.

If you can get past the cringe inducing title, Backseat Heartbeat is a tasty little ditty, its simple flowing tempo and brilliantly executed southern guitar make for an easy listen, but probably too easy. The Treatment has cited punk as a major influence in their sound, and in intermittent bursts on Cry Tough; it does rear its head. But this is a rock n roll album folks, played by five guys determined to put their music across in the most relentless way possible. This is evidently played out on We Are Beautiful and the snarling Bloodsucker, they may once again lack a bit of imagination in the chorus department, but everything else positively sizzles. Tagore and Tao Grey bang out some serious grinding riffs, and Mohawk wearing bassist Rick ’Swoggle’ Newman virtually creates tremors with some through the floor four string smacking. And not to forget bucket banger Dhani Mansworth, his enticing intro to Better Think Again serves as the perfect entrée to this audacious stomper.

The piece de resistance is the classy upturn in pace, with two blistering solos that have a delicious retro feel all over them. Closer, Light Up The Sun may have Foo Fighters stamped all over it, but you won’t be picturing the Seattle boys banging it out. The Cambridge lads more than leave their mark with yet another masterful delivery that will hit your bloodstream on the first listen. There was a time when the all-important third album was seen as the make or break for a band. If that’s still the case, well then I favour the former with this little doozy.

Written by: Brian Boyle

Score: Brian 9/10

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