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Killer Khan – Global Killer Review

Released by: Self

Release Date: Out Now!!!

Genre: Metal/Doom



Line Up:

Killian Khan – vocals, guitar
Ron Dalton – guitar
Brice Sandahl – bass
Jody Rumple – drums



1. Prowess of the Night
2. Guns of the Navarone
3. Frederic Fuckin Chopin
4. Gobal Killer/ The Outlaw
5. Scream Bloody Skies
6. Farewell to Achilles
7. V.O.A
8. Last Train to Rio
9. Cryptuation
10. Playful Dead


If you are familiar with the name Killer Khan, it’s possible it has a little something to do with me. I reviewed their last album and interviewed vocalist Killian Khan last year for our wonderful site. Their latst release was Kill Devil Hills, a reissue put out by Heaven and Hell Records. For whatever reason the band parted ways with their label, but have their album of all new material hitting the scene shortly (though it is available right now via their Bandcamp page as a digital release.) Kill Devil Hills I enjoyed quite a bit, though it took some time getting accustomed to the strange voice of Khan, but it did eventually grow on me.

Their latest offering, Global Killer, is more of the same: stellar musicianship, very catchy songs, and a voice somewhere between Ozzy Osbourne and Messiah Marcolin. The songs, though sounding very much like a cohesive unit, actually delve into varying styles from time to time, for instance a more doom take with “Global Killer/The Outlaw,” veering into almost prog metal with “The Guns of Navarone,” and straight up classic metal with “Prowess of the Night.” With precise and intricate guitar work, solid and driving drums, hypnotic bass work, and this truly unique voice, Killer Khan are a band that offer something a bit off the beaten path in metal while clutching at certain tenets of the genre all bands require- face meltingly good songs.

Though I thoroughly enjoyed this album, as I can certainly hear growth and development and the band becoming a much tighter unit musically, but not having a label to push them it’s going to be tough for them to get noticed in a vast sea of other metal bands trying to reach the shore called success. Hopefully more people will hear their music because of this review and maybe it’ll give them a fighting chance.


Written by: Chris Martin

 Ratings:  Chris   8/10

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