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Savage Master – With Whips and Chains Review

Released by: High Roller/ Skol Records

Release Date: May 13th, 2016

Genre: Heavy Metal



Line Up:

Stacey Savage – vocals
Adam Neal – guitar
Larry Myers – guitar
Brandon “BB Gunz” Brown – bass guitar
Zach Harris – drums



01. Call Of The Master
02. Dark Light Of The Moon
03. With Whips And Chains
04. Path Of The Necromancer
05. Vengeance Is Steel
06. Looking For A Sacrifice
07. Satan’s Crown
08. Burned At The Stake
09. Black Hooves
10. Ready To Sin


Savage Master- How I love thee, let me count the ways! Their debut album Mask of the Devil totally blew me away. Dark, raw, dank, and evil, it conjured up many a memory of teenage years of listening to metal and trying to eke my way through a world that wasn’t really designed for people like me. It spoke to me in ways that a new album hadn’t in ages, and I was so thankful for that. Now their back and better than ever!

Unleashing upon the world their brand of heavy metal savagery, comes the sophomore release With Whips And Chains, conjuring horny teen lust fantasies of scantily clad babes cherishing the same tunes and desires as you. Filling the role of the female is front woman Stacey Savage whose voice brings to mind such luminaries as Betsy Bitch and Wendy O Williams.  This beautiful woman tantalizes and hypnotizes the listener as she brings to life images of hell, Satan, and enslaving the masses to do her bidding with a voice that drives the songs straight through the heart like a stake. Musically it takes old school thrash with large doses of vintage metal, casting a dark and imposing backdrop for Savage’s powerful vocals. Songs like “Path of the Necromancer” (The Bruce Dickinson needs more cowbell, but I need more vibra slap,) “Call of the Master,” “Looking For A Sacrifice,” and “Ready To Sin” Savage Master evoke images straight out of classic horror movies, which makes my heart happy as it combines two of my favorite things: heavy metal and horror.

Sometimes when I hear an album I get excited about reviewing it. This was definitely one I was anxious to take on. As I already loved the band, I knew this would be easy to write. When I played With Whips and Chains and not only heard that raw aggression and evil sound I loved from their debut, yet they kicked up the songwriting and performances up even higher. I hope big things come along for this band, as they truly deserve it.


Written by: Chris Martin

 Ratings:  Chris   9/10


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