Interview with Dean Foxx (Vocals) (Knock Out Kaine) live at HRH United

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Interview by Lindsey Appleton

Photo Credit: Shane Bradley SRV Event Photography



Photo Credit: Shane Bradley SRV Event Photography

MGM – We saw you here at Hard Rock Hell United on the AOR Stage last night which was Thursday 10th March, how did you guys find that?.

Dean – It was business as usual for us, it was a great set up, a huge stage, we played to what looked like at least 1000 people, we did what we always do, I think we knocked out it of the park didn’t we?.

MGM – Personally i think you guys were amazing, to me you were headline material.

Dean – Thank you very much for that.

MGM – No problem at all, so I’m a little bit curious where did the name Knock Out Kaine come from?.

Dean – Its a bit of a drug reference, if you take knock out K-O-K-O –Kaine, cocaine, its a metaphor, get high on music don’t get high on drugs.

MGM – You guys got the legendary Bruce Dickinson to appear in your music video ‘Set The Night On Fire’, which is quite an achievement. How did that all come about?.

Dean – We are cheeky rock n roll mother f**kers and told him to do it, no really what happened what we just got in touch with his people and got lucky and they said yes and it went from there. We were on tour at the time with ‘Love Hate’ playing Wolverhampton, as we were checking into the hotel, we got the call back from his people saying ‘Bruce has just rung us back and hes happy to do it’. So that was it , it all happened over a course of about 4 days, he said he could do it about 2 weeks later, and there he was in a big aeroplane hanger and there he was.

MGM – Any stories you want to share with us from your time with Bruce?.

Dean – Apart from the fact for me Bruce Dickinson is my all time idol, out of all the rock stars i don’t often get star struck, when there people rand and said that his car was on the way with him in it that they had picked him up from the station to bring him, i didn’t think that he actually turn up I thought it was one massive wind up. As he got out of the car all the other guys turned to me and asked me if I was alright, and i was gobsmacked i said ‘no im not’ and was having a complete fan girl moment. Bruce turned to us and said ‘i haven’t heard the song lads it isn’t shit is it’, and i said ‘lets fucking hope not hey Bruce’, from then on we were alright. But yea it was pretty amazing.

MGM – Your album ‘Rise of the Electric Jester’ just took off instantaneously and  your fan base just grew over night and that album just took off by storm, were you guys expecting that?.


Dean – The album was really well received, we knew we had a real mountain to climb because the first album ‘Mountain of Sins’ was built on songs that we had been touring for 5 or 6 years.

So this album we pulled out all the stops, we almost tried to let the songs write us than us write the songs if you know what i mean, to just see where it goes without having a goal in mind to see how the whole thing was going to sound.

We had no goal at all, we just waited to see where the music took us and it turned out better than our expectations.

Its been so well received by the fans, and I cant say enough about the fans they have just been fantastic.

All the reviews have been top notch reviews, and long may it continue.

MGM – You have had some pretty amazing reviews you had one from Kerrang who gave you guys a 10/10 you must be on cloud 9 about that?.

Dean – Absolutely, all the magazines and national press gave us great reviews, we really happy to hear our music is being received so well by people. The ‘Rise of the Electric Jester’ albums collection of songs  to me is personal and deep rooted, it’s like a concept album which isn’t in chronological order but each song is about a period of my life, and for those to be so well received like they have been is just stupendous really.

MGM – Next weekend you guys are heading to Wizzfest in Belgium with your record label Rocksector Records and other bands from that label are you excited about this?.

Dean – Absolutely looking forward to this, it will be great to see Blaze. Its a great little festival, a sold out show already, we then have another festival in Belgium later on in the year with Crazy Lixx and Crucified Barbara, so our fans can catch us there also.

MGM – We are looking forward to catching you guys at SOS Fest in Manchester in Summer to which you guys are headlining one of the nights.

Dean – Well what can I say we are chuffed to be headlining, we cannot wait for that either. Its shaping up to be a great year for us.

MGM – So you guys have just signed a deal with Rocksector for the release of ‘Cruel Brittania’ which is an EP for your third album, do you want to give us an insight into that?.

Dean – Cruel Brittania is the EP which Rocksector are releasing for us on the 4th of April. The people who supported our pledge campaign have already been allowed access to it, to get the download, but the hard copy world wide will be in April.

MGM – Going back to Wizzfest which is next week, we are all really sad to hear that Wizz himself wont be there as he is poorly at the moment, do you want to send some well wishes on behalf of the band.

Dean – I would like to say Get better soon my friend, I know things are a bit grim, but stay with the rock and roll, it will see you through.

MGM- Thank you for your time today Dean

Dean – No worries

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