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Interview with Rich Moss (Lead Vocals / Guitar) (Stone Broken) live at HRH United


Interview by Lindsey Appleton


MGM – Hi Rich thanks for taking some time out to speak to us today

RICH – No problem Lindsey

MGM – The last time we saw you guys, you were supporting Bon Giovi at Rebellion bar in Manchester, its a major turning point from supporting a tribute band to playing a major festival.

RICH – Yea, its just incredible, the last couple months have been a bit of a roller coaster for us, we have been playing some crazy shows, we have had great support from radios and media alike.

MGM – So you guys got runners up in the Planet Rock Awards that’s pretty incredible I bet you guys were buzzing about that?.


RICH – To be fair we didn’t even know we had been nominated, I was at work and our bass player sent us a message through Whatsapp saying we had been nominated for ‘Best New band’ and I was like no we haven’t no way stop messing about. Then we got confirmation via Twitter, we thought ok, we thought we may get a few votes, never did we think we would come runners up. We were all listening nervously to the radio, when they announced third place we thought we didn’t stand a chance, then they announced us as second place and we thought bloody hell.

MGM – What was going through your head when they announced you as second place?.

RICH – It was just a phenomenal feeling

MGM – You guys have got some amazing gigs lined up, you have got a gig supporting The Treatment at the end of April, then you have Wildfire Festival in June, are you excited about those?.

RICH – We have a few gigs in Scotland this year and Wildfire is in the middle of them, so yea we are looking forward to all of them. They have the likes of Inglorious and Tim Ripper Owens headlining, what more can i say.

MGM – You guys have just released your single ‘Not Your Enemy’, do you want to give us a little insight into that?.

RICH – Yea, its our second single from the album, and it was picked up by radio almost immediately which is always a good sign. The song itself is the first track on the album. It has to be one of my favourites off the album.

MGM – Then you have got your second single coming from the album ‘All In Time’, do you want to tell us a little bit about that?.

RICH – We have got alot of plans for the next single, we haven’t got anything confirmed, but what I can say is we are looking to have a music video to go along with it.

MGM – Nifty, can you not give us a little snifter of what might go on in the video?.


RICH – I cant at the moment, but you will be one of the first to know.

MGM – So you guys were recently in Fireworks magazine as well, you guys are really doing well, with media giving you such a great backing.

RICH – For me being in a magazine that feature Black Stone Cherry is an amazing achievement.


MGM – Ah a Black stone Cherry fan Boy are we?.

(we both laugh)

RICH – Yes they are phenomenal. They are a major influence for me. Me and the guys have been to see them quite a few times. They are a band that started off playing the really small pubs and clubs and now they are playing sell out arenas, i have to take my hat off to them, who cant be inspired by that.

MGM – We saw you on the Hammerfest stage, you had a packed out crowd.

RICH – It was completely insane.

MGM – That performance was incredible.

MGM – What else have you guys got lined up?.

RICH – We are just going to hit the road hard, we are trying to book some venues we haven’t played before and just showcase what we do, get our music out there and heard, and hopefully draw in some new fans.

MGM – Sounds awesome, thank you for taking your time out to speak to us today, and we look forward to catching up with you guys soon.


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