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HARD ROCK HELL UNITED 10th March 2016, Haven Holiday Resort, Pwllheli, Wales


Live Gig Review and  Live Photos by Lindsey Appleton


Well we are here again, fortunate enough to be given the privilege of covering this spectacular festival here in Wales.

We have the 3 separate stages set about the holiday park, on one side we have the AOR stage, then opposite this we have the sleaze stage which also holds the doom and stoner acts. Across the bridge behind the Mash & Barrell bar & restaurant we have the Hammerfest stage.

Over the course of the weekend we have seen some pretty terrific acts, interviewed some fantastic musicians and got some corking photos to boot.




Thursday 10th March


We start off the weekend with the likes of Crashgate who are performing on the Hammerfest stage.

These guys being the opening act for this stage this weekend give us a taster of their utterly insane sound.

This Kent based Rock/Metal Band warm us all up with their power hungry rhythms and potent riffs which infect your senses like a drug.

If your a fan of the likes of Slipknot/ACDC this band are like a mash up of both.

Next we see the almighty Reign Of Fury who formed back in 2006, who are also playing the Hammerfest stage.

This Midland based thrash metal band pull out all the stops for their fans.

If you want something to thrash your head to then this band is for you as their spirit and drive on stage is completely infectious.

We have caught these guys before at the likes of Bloodstock and Headbangers Balls, and suffice to say if you don’t wake up with ‘mosh neck’ the morning after then you mustn’t have been at the right gig!.

These guys pleasantly give you that ultimate Thrash where you just find yourself bouncing about in the pit, and trust me there was an almighty pit for this band.

They have an old school feel to which i can hear the likes of Xentrix and Onslaught coming through their music.

Reign of Fury


We then head over to the AOR Stage to catch Preachers Son.

This folky classic rock band are rooted and atmospheric with a slight bluesy feel.

With the likes of ‘Round The bend’ and ‘Weeping World’ , which get the crowd going, to the likes of ‘Somebody Down’ which has a deep sensual feel to it.

The band ended on a complete high with all time favourite ‘Jericho’ which gets everyones adrenaline pumping.

Preachers Son

 Knock out kain Logo

We then hang around the AOR stage to catch Knock Out Kaine.

Well what can i say about these sleazy rockers, they are bloody amazing, they totally blew me away and did their record label and manager proud tonight.

These guys are definitely headline material, and have smashed the scene to the point where their fan base is phenomenal.

To have the likes of Bruce Dickinson star in their music video, I mean come on can you get any better than that?

These guys own this stage, its going to be very difficult for Headliners Quireboys to follow them in my opinion.

Kicking of their set with ’16 Grams’ well suffice to say the crowds are now bouncing along with these guys, everyone here is just having fun, that’s what K.O.K are all about having fun on this stage.

To the likes of ‘Set The Night on Fire’ and ‘Little Crystal’, these guys show all angles from hard and fast paced to slow and melodic, these guys have everything you ever wanted in a band.

All I can say is watch this space this band are going to take over!.



We finish day #1 watching Bull-Riff Stampede on the Hammerfest stage.

Nothing like finishing the night off with something hard and heavy to thrash your neck to, and that’s what these guys are all about.

Rod thrashing out some all mighty riffs on guitar, to that crazy son of a gun on the drums to which the band had stolen away from Evil Scarecrow for the weekend, thats right on drums this weekend for Bull-riff we have Jordan aka Monty Blitzfist pounding out some heavy thunderous drum beats.

They thrash out some fast aggressive songs which if you haven’t brought your ear plugs be prepared to get your ears sodomized by their riffs.

Their music is so diverse the pummel out some incredible skull crushing rhythms.

What a way to end day #1 of this incredible festival!.




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