HARD ROCK HELL UNITED 11th March 2016, Haven Holiday Resort, Pwllheli, Wales

HARD ROCK HELL UNITED 11th March 2016, Haven Holiday Resort, Pwllheli, Wales...

Live Gig Review and  Live Photos by Lindsey Appleton, Shane Bradley and Angel Gareth


Well after an eventful first day and waking up with severe mosh neck from the almighty Bull-Riff Stampede from the night before, you know that today will pretty much be the same.

The smell of bacon wafting through the site as everyone is up nursing their hangovers with a tasty and sumptuous breakfast that would be fit for Greek gods and godesses, some waking up to hair of the dog and cracking open a cider, i was cracking open the paracetamols (i blame bull-riff stampedes set from the night before, windmilling my neck to majority of their set was not a good idea).

Well we started off the day by going to the Sleaze Stage to catch ‘A Jokers Rage’.


These guys are a fun rock/metal band from York, who are down for mixing things up on stage.

They are all about their #Gameface.

Lead singer and frontman Zakk even creates a song on stage while waiting for drums to be fixed halfway through their set and asks the crowd for a topic. (this might have been the biggest mistake he made with the TBFM crew being in the front row and one of them shouting ‘SPUNK’).

So he improvised and got the crowds chanting along to the song he made on the spot about ‘SPUNK’. One I really hope someone captured on film because that was nothing more than pure genius and absolutely hilarious.

The boys made up as clowns are just that on stage, they are crowd pleasers, these guys own this little stage and i would have liked to have seen them do a longer set.

I mean have you ever seen a metal band do a cover of 2Pacs California Love?.

What a way to wake up a crowd in the morning, these guys are going places!.


Then we head back over the bridge to the Hammerfest stage to catch Stone Broken.

stone broken

Personally I thought it was a bit of an odd choice having these guys on the Hammefest stage as i thought they sounded like a heavy version of Nickelback, they had that sound to them.

I would have put them on one of the other 2 stages.

This hard rock 4 piece hail from Walsall, UK.

They have recently been nominated for Best New band on the Planet Rock Awards 2016 to which they came runners up.

They have also just released their single ‘Not Your Enemy’ off their debut album ‘All In Time’.

We also got to grab Rich over the weekend for an interview, so keep your eyes peeled for that!.

On stage these guys grabbed my attention from the word go with their strong choruses, and melodic riffs, these guys have a great dynamic and take me back to the early 90’s of Rock.

They get a great response from the crowd to which went all the way to the back of the venue and for a band that was on pretty early they got a great turn out.



From here we then went back over the bridge to catch Chase The Ace on the Sleaze stage.

chase the ace

These guys are pure Sleaze at its best, based in London hailing from Israel these guys are out to have fun.

They remind of the 80’s rock, with the big hair and tight pants, with the long guitar solos and they energised the crowd like true pro’s, theres that electrifying buzz in the air, like someone’s poured a big bottle of happy sauce over everyone.

With front man Vitos youthful energy his vocals are on top form, and the rock star attitude giving the ladies that cheeky smile is enough to make any woman swoon.

Brilliant sound and brilliant set, well rehearsed, the band are fab to watch.

Their songs have lots of bounce, and zesty rhythm mixed with some cheeky instrumental pieces and killer licks what more could you want from a band.


We then went next door to the AOR stage to catch the last couple of songs from Russ Ballard.

russ ballard

Well, what can I say other than ‘wow’.

Yea that about sums it up for me, watching him perform ‘God gave rock n Roll to You’ and ‘Since you’ve been Gone’ , were probably highlights of the weekend for me.

Some all time classics that ive been raised on by my folks, which i well and truly find inspiring.

This right here is what it is all about for me.

A true musician, showman, no gimmicks, no fancy light shows or outfits, just a musician doing what he loves doing best, comes straight from the heart, no sugar coating anything, just getting down to business as usual.


We hang around the AOR Stage for the almighty Tyketto, now I had bumped into these guys earlier and nearly had a *fan girl* moment when I found out that Chris Childs bassist from Thunder would be joining them on stage, this was a performance I could not miss.


Well from when these guys stepped out on stage I think I was completely in awe, like a kid in a candy store i just couldn’t get enough.

With songs such as ‘Walk on Fire’ and ‘Stand Alone’ to the finisher which is all time classic ‘Forever Young’,the crowds chanted along, and gave a roaring applause after each one.

The melodies from their songs carried the crowds and Danny Vaughn shows that this is his stage and he totally owns it. His vocals pitch perfect tonight.

These are a band at the top of their game and faultless in every department.




We then head over to the Sleaze stage to catch Reckless Love.

Reckless Love logo

This Finnish band are a fun loving hard rock band, with crazy rhythms , colourful outfits, the wild 80’s style big hair.

Attracting a young and vivacious crowd. Their techniques to draw people in seems to have worked as this band have drawn a spectacular sized crowd for their performance.

A very sexually charged act which lures the women in to watch these half naked men with buff bodies, sweating as their high energy bouncing about the stage playing their guitars just seems to make them look even more attractive than when they first stepped out onto the stage.

Their fresh sound and hot looks churning out favourites such as ‘Scandinavian Girls’ gets the crowds energised.

This was a very hot way to end night #2, these Sexy Rockers most certainly know how to throw a party, because that’s how it felt, having a good time partying on stage with these down to earth fun rockers.

Reckless Love_1

Reckless Love_2




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Photo Credit: Ange Cobham / Cobspix Photography

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