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Interview with Roi Vito Peleg (Vocals) ( Chase the Ace) live at HRH United


Interview by Lindsey Appleton


MGM – Hey Vito its nice to see you guys here , how have you guys been?.

VITO – It’s been great, we did 2 shows last night, one on the sleaze stage one in the Dark circle area, everything is cool. The other guys are recovering over there.

MGM – Oh dear, partying hard after the show were we?

VITO – Something like that.

(we both laugh)

MGM – You guys have been touring doing your ‘Hell Yea’ tour which started in February, hows that been going?.

VITO – Amazing, we have just got back from Europe, Italy, Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, Holland, and now we have a full UK tour. This was our first stop on the UK tour, next weekend we are doing the Bar Fly in London, then we have Nottingham, then we are back in Wales again, a lot of shows.

MGM – We saw you guys kick ass on stage on the Sleaze stage last night, how did you guys find that?

VITO – It was crazy ya know, the fans they are wild. We just go out there and do what we love to do. We have only been around for 3 years and in that time we have toured a lot, we toured with Michael Monroe for about a month and a half on the road.

MGM – Have you got any stories from that, that you can share with us?.

VITO – You know Michael, Micheal is crazy man, hes an amazing guy, we went to the first show and did the sound check, then because we didn’t actually know the band personally there is always that awkwardness of getting to know people, so there feels like that a sense of division at the beginning then at the end everyone is like one big family ya know.

Michael he would start climbing on everything, from amps and stacks to lighting rigs, and on one occasion the tour manager ran out and try to pull him down, Michael pushed him out of the way and told him ‘this is my show I have been doing this for years’ from that point on people got used to his crazy antics. That is Michael you just got to let him do his own thing. Every so often Michael would come out with these crazy stories from back in the day, all the rest of us were like quiet school children sat listening to his stories , It was like story time with Michael Monroe.

chase the ace

MGM – Your ‘Hell Yea’ album came out in October, which has been a huge success with your fans..

Vito – We have had an incredible response from this album.

MGM – You guys have played some incredible venues in Germany, Italy, Switzerland and various other places on tour, which has been your favourite?.

Vito – This time around Germany and Belgium have been the highlights for me, we have played Belgium a couple of times before so we have a solid fan base like family over there. We love seeing people come back again and again to see us. They own the t-shirts and they know the songs, you become friends ya know.

In Germany we had a couple of crazy festivals – Sleazefest, it was a really really cool turnout, good sized stage, it was amazing.

MGM – When your out on tour and on the road, what do you guys get up to to pass the time?.

Vito – This time we had a motorhome, usually we just have a van, which is kinda limiting, your crammed in a seat sat all day long until you get to the next stop. Now we have really nice space, so we can stretch out, its such a step up, that you have your own space. Instead of going from bed to bed at different hotels, we can just go to our own bunks and chill. A couple of the guys share the driving, I mainly sleep (haha) , the bass player he spends his time on his computer.

MGM – Wow sounds like you guys are really living the rock n roll lifestyle.

010 (2)

VITO – Yes, its awesome.

MGM – You guys seems to have a bit of a theme going on at the moment, you were the closing act for Aces High Festival, and then you were the closing act for Hard Rock Hell 9.

VITO – What can I say they must be saving the best for last.

(we both laugh)

MGM – What plans do you guys have from here?.

VITO – We have the tour and we have plans for a new album up our sleeve, so lots to keep the fans happy with.



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