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HARD ROCK HELL UNITED 12th March 2016, Haven Holiday Resort, Pwllheli, Wales

Live Gig Review and  Live Photos by Lindsey Appleton and Angel Gareth

Day #3 already where did the weekend go?. Well we have had alot of fun this weekend, so we might as well go out and enjoy ourselves today.

First we catch French Rockers Black Rain on the Sleaze stage. A couple of small technical problems but they pushed through, and gave the audience a terrific set. Listening to these guys you can hear influences through their music such as Skid Row & WASP, they have that fun factor about them but old school style. Their songs are mid tempo with catchy choruses, juicy riffs, and bouncy bass.

black rain

We then head over to the Hammerfest stage to catch Savage Messiah.

I’m a little bit biased when it comes to this band as I’ve seen them numerous times, but they never fail to amaze me. They always perform brilliantly. This performance was just that, they blew me away yet again. This London based thrash metal act have a superb turn out for their set with crowds spanning the whole of the venue..

Dave seems to be struggling with the high notes tonight, and plays it safe changing the notes, and keeps everything in sync. With crunching bass and soaring guitar solos, their heavy pounding riffs take control and their army of fans sway along to their songs. We later catch up with their new guitarist Sam for an interview so keep your eyes peeled for that!.


We hang around to catch Evile here on the Hammerfest stage. Having seen these guys more than a dozen times now, they have a fan in me.

I couldn’t not miss this set after eagerly awaiting to see them hit the stage again. We last caught up with these guys when they were doing their own headline tour in Manchester, and then again supporting Sepultura in Manchester. Whenever they play my home town you will always find me at the front. Playing some terrific songs off their album ‘Skull’ got their set off to a blinding start, with Ben kicking ass on drums pounding out some of the heaviest drum rhythms was enough to make you bang your head  to the beat. Matt’s vocals were on top form, absolutely flawless.

Piers seems to have just molded himself into the band perfectly after taking over from Ol Drake, and what a musician, his lightning skills on the guitar are absolutely breath taking. Joel bouncing about on bass with that happy go lucky smile, whats not to love about this band. Getting the crowds to chant along with one of my all time favourites ‘Cult’ had to be the highlight of the set for me. Terrific guys once again i couldn’t fault a thing.


Next up Exodus are here on the Hammerfest stage. Well for a group that hails from the States these guys are pure old school Thrash at its best. With their eccentric sound, their fast paced playing and relentlessness , these guys show an inhuman ability like no other. Their rhythmic changes grasp you but they still keep it heavy as fuck. If your a fan of Lamb of God or Pantera then guys guys will be right up your street. Thrashing out classics such as ‘Blood In,Blood Out’ and ‘Bonded By Blood’ gets everyone revved up, to finishing with the great ‘The Toxic Waltz’ and ‘Strike of the Beast’ was just marvelous to watch. A great way to end their set.

Photo Credit: Angel Gareth


Well Hard Rock Hell United you have been a blast to cover, we thank the HRH United team for allowing team My Global Mind to cover this truly spectacular event. We are well and truly broken and hope to come back here again real soon!.


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