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Thunderstone – Apocalypse Again Review

Released by: AFM Records

Release Date: April 30th, 2016

Genre: Speed Metal/Power Metal



Line Up:

Pasi Rantanen – Vocals

Nino Laurenne – Guitar

Titus Hjelm – Bass

Jukka Karinen – Keyboards

Atte Palokangas – Drums



01. Veterans Of The Apocalypse
02. The Path
03. Fire And Ice
04. Through The Pain
05. Walk Away Free
06. Higher
07. Wounds
08. Days Of Our Lives
09. Barren Land


Thunderstone are back!! And on top of that so is original vocalist Pasi Rantanen. I’m not a huge Power Metal fan, but this is one of the few bands of the genre that have always been a tremendous favorite. Their first three albums I always believed where some of the finest songs written. The thing that appealed to me so much about them was the fact that they weren’t a straight forward Power Metal band, always writing their music in a more melodic style akin to Stratovarius with some Symphony X elements along the way. I had assumed the band had broken up as I heard nothing about them after those first three, and only learned about the last two when this one came into my possession.

Their brand new album, Apocalypse Again, is a stunning collection of music that seems to pick right up where 2005’s Tools of Destruction left off. Not only is it a welcome joy to my ear holes to have Pasi’s magnificent voice back, but to hear the amazing guitar work of Nino Laurenne again on top of the brilliant songs is a joy untold. Rounding out this pair is Titus Hjelm on bass, Jukka Karinen on keyboards, and Atte Palokangas on drums, solidifying the unit and gives reason as to why I Iove this band so much. Blessing the listener with songs like “The Path,” “Walk Away Free,” “Wounds,” and “Barren Land” Thunderstone prove, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that they’re back and better than ever.

When I saw this album I was super stoked to check it out, and am happy to announce that it doesn’t disappoint. Thunderstone’s Apocalypse Again truly is a majestic work of art and an excellent return for a band that few people likely know, but will hopefully be rectified now. Welcome back guys! Stick around for a little while…perhaps forever. It’s always great when a band I thought was gone comes back and seemingly never lost a step.


Written by: Chris Martin

 Ratings:  Chris   10/10!!!



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