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Reckless Love – InVader review

Released: Out Now

Released By: Spinefarm Records

Genre: Hard Rock


Line Up:

Olli Herman – Vocals

Pepe – Guitar

Jalle Verne -Bass

Hessu Maxx -Drums


Track Listing:

We Are The Weekend



Child Of The Sun


Scandinavian Girls

Pretty Boy Swagger

Rock it


Let’s Get Cracking

Keep It Up All Night (UK bonus track)


Hailed as the Finish Kings Of Merry Metal, that might be a title that will leave you scratching your head.  But despite the ludicrous labelling, Reckless Love is a band of serious pedigree.  Like many bands of their ilk today, they’ve probably arrived thirty years too late, and most certainly won’t enjoy the same commercial kudos as the heavyweights of the 80’s.  That aside, this vivacious four piece are on an upward spiral and are gaining a fine reputation on the back of their palpitating live performances.

Described as their boldest and most versatile of their four albums so far, InVader’s sublime anthemic opener We Are The Weekend almost makes a mockery of that statement.  If ever there was a song ready made to catapult this band in the A league, this has to be it.  Its massive exhilarating chorus bares all the hallmarks of a band bang on top of their game right now.  And don’t be thinking the album has peaked already; the rampaging pace of Hands will virtually grab you by the sandbags with yet another thundering chorus.  This is matched by the skin-lifting guitar solo by Pepe, soaring up and down the frets like a Finn possessed. You may be thinking what a bloody show off, and you’d be right.  But that’s what this band is all about, there’s a plethora of arrogance flowing through their music.  But sometimes that can bring out the downright farcical and as a choice for a lead off single, Monster may not have been a wise move.

Reckless Love, for the most part, pull off the humour element in their music with relative ease, but the second rate smutty lyrics and lethargic melody just make them sound like a poor man’s Steel Panther.

Things don’t improve much with Child Of The Sun.  If it was written for the Finnish entry into the next Eurovision Song Contest, then they may be onto a winner.  But if they’re planning to parade this around rock festivals in the summer, then maybe they should prepare themselves for a flying excrement attack, and God knows what else.  The smile is well and truly put back on your face with the high octane Bullettime, lead screamer Olli Herman takes this track by the scruff of the neck with a mix of menacing and masculine power.  So good, you forget that the last track even existed.

After paying homage to the ladies with the pungently camp Scandinavian Girls, producer Ilkka Wirthanen extracts every ounce of the bands talents on the hook and riff filled Rock It.  Influences of vintage Van Halen delicately protrude out with Pepe again leading the charge.

Sticking very much to the melodic hard rock formula, Destiny doesn’t put a foot wrong.  Predictable to the end, but that won’t deter AOR aficionados’ salivating at its perfectly executed delivery.  But let’s be honest, what they do best is unleashing quality party rock with generous helpings of madcap buffoonery.  The shenanigans that’s pumping through the robust Let’s Get Cracking sums up the band perfectly.

Call it what you want, merry metal, even gender bending cock rock, it really doesn’t matter.  Their music may go from the sublime to the downright bizarre, but one thing is for certain, you won’t be bored.  So crack open a few and enjoy the ride.

Written by Brian Boyle

Score Brian : 8/10



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