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Belladonna – The Orchestral Album Review

Released by: Self

Release Date: Out Now!!!

Genre: Rock Noir



Line Up:

Luana Caraffa – Vocals
Dani Macchi – Guitar
Martina Petrucci – Piano
Taya Angelini – Bass
Mattia Mari – Drums



1. Damn Your Love

2. Till Death Do Us Part

3. Wonderlust

4. Beyond the Realms of Reason

5. Maria Spelterini

6. Morning Star Blues

7. A Pyromantic Sonnet

8. Morpheus Rising

9. Abduction

10. Morpheus


Seems I have found my way onto another band that has actually found a way to do something fairly unique in music without being so off the wall it’s not musical. There’s an Italian band called Belladonna (not to be confused with the singer of Anthrax or the Stevie Nicks album or the drug) that have melded orchestrated music with a rock sound without either overpowering the other. Don’t put in your mind your typical orchestral rock music or even Apocalyptica, because you’d be way off base. Initially when I heard of the album I wasn’t sure what to expect. The name certainly wasn’t on my radar other than the other three I mentioned, but I am always up for checking out something different.

Right off the bat I was struck by two things: The first item was how the singer, Luana Caraffa, sounds so much like Doro Pesch minus the heavy German accent and more of a bluesy quality without a gruff rasp. The second was how perfectly the orchestral parts meshed with the rock parts. They’re very dramatic, yet subtle (which is surprisingly possible.) The orchestrations are full of such passion and emotion, accenting Caraff’s voice, while the rock sections are very subdued. Guitarist Dani Macchi creates very tasteful and blues infused solos, creating a distinct sound that is 100% Belladonna. Macchi’s moment to shine happens with the track “Morpheus Rising” as his fingers pour out his soul with accompaniment from pianist (and the album’s orchestra conductor) Angelina Yershova. “Wonderlust” and “Damn Your Love” are probably the best examples of what Belladonna are about- at least in regards to this album.

They have a couple others out, but this was my first time hearing them. It’s a very low key album, and even the rock parts are never anything super heavy, so if you’re looking for big, bomabastic metal meets orchestra, this isn’t for you. It’s a pretty neat album, a nice departure from what I would normally listen to. I may have to check out their other music (Rock Noir is how they classify themselves,) to see how they compare minus the orchestra stuff. Overall it’s a pretty good album, though I’m not sure if the general music consumer will be willing to give it a shot.


Written by: Chris Martin

 Ratings:  Chris   7/10

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