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Good Tiger – A Head Full of Moonlight Review

Released by: Self

Release Date: Out Now!!!

Genre: Some Kind of Rock



Line Up:

Elliot Coleman
Derya Nagle
Joaquin Ardiles
Alex Rüdinger
Morgan Sinclair



1. Where Are The Birds

2. Snake Oil

3. Enjoy The Rain

4. I Paint What I See

5. aspirations

6. Latchkey Kids

7. All Her Own Teeth

8. Understanding Silence

9. ’67 Pontiac Forebird


Good Tiger is a super group composed of guys from bands an old fart like myself is unfamiliar with (well, except The Faceless, but my understanding is he was only with them on a tour, so does that even count?) Their debut album A Head Full of Moonlight was crowd funded, which depending on your outlook on such either excites you or pisses you off. I’m OK with crowd funding, I see no real harm. If people want to give, and are happy with the outcome, great. If you hate it, then save your money (and your mouth.) I was unaware of all of this as I had never even heard about this project until the album fell into my hands. I prefer going into albums not knowing a single thing about it. It makes for a more honest impression of it.

This album is going to be very divisive in the metal community. Some will hate it because the singer, Elliot Coleman, can actually sing his ass off (think Claudio of Coheed.) If you hate everything except for cookie monster, move along. Musicially it’s a mish mash of present day progressive metal meets djent meets emo, at times. There are three tracks on this album I absolutely love: “Where Are the Birds,” “Latchkey Kids,” and “Understanding Silence.” Those three tracks stood out the most because vocally they’re a stunning display of Coleman’s abilities, capturing a great jazz feel on Birds in particular. I also think the music stands out as much more unique from the rest. The other tracks on the album are mostly good, but seem standard of the genre and fall short of their potential. I mean, the musicianship is fantastic, but the songs just don’t pop for me as much as those three.

Good Tiger’s A Head Full of Moonlight could be an album that grows on me. If there would’ve been more like the album opener, kind of heavy, funky, poppy, jazzy meets metal this could’ve been a contender for me. I definitely think there will be an audience for it, and I will revisit it again later on as it could be a grower instead of a show-er. This is the biggest downfall of writing album reviews- being pressed for time to lay down words fast enough to get the right exposure for the band. I will say this, my enjoyement of just those three tracks alone warrant the rating I’m giving it.


Written by: Chris Martin

 Ratings:  Chris   8/10

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