Toseland, Colour of Noise, live at The Key Club, Leeds, UK 24 March 2016

As the night with 'Toseland' draws to an end faster than a Yamaha R1 at full tilt round Donington park race track, we are left to reflect on what...

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So after reviewing Toseland’s brand new release ‘Cradle The Rage’ I was delighted to have the opportunity to catch the band perform live, on the short but packed mini tour in support of the album. With that in mind it was off to Leeds we go.

The venue for Toseland tonight was The Key Club. Now this is a new venue to me personally and sits in the city centre, right opposite a very busy stretch that Mr Toseland himself could have had fun with in his previous career as a superbike champion.

As we enter The Key Club, its like you are descending down into the depths of the city itself. After two flights of stairs you are greeted by the waiting security team who are more than pleasant and helpful, ushering you to the ticket desk for check in. As we approach the stage area, there’s a bar in front of us which arcs round the side of the stage and it’s at that point that we notice is how dark it is (something that is every photographer’s nightmare). The room is very narrow but long, with steps to the back that lead to the merch area. Another thing that we notice is that there is no photo pit (another of the togs nightmares) so this could be a challenge !

Following the six degrees of separation concept, Toseland has had a lot of support from former Little Angels’ singer, writer, producer, Toby Jepson and Toby’s former band mate Bruce John Dickinson now resurfaces in the support act for Toseland tonight Brighton based classic rockers ‘Colour Of Noise’ have a sound that mixes ‘The Beatles’ and ‘The Who’ with a little bit of ‘Thin Lizzy’ and ‘Led Zep’ thrown in for good measure. If you have never heard of these guys and those named bands ticka lot of boxes for you, it is highly advised to check them out. Furyon vocalist Matt Mitchell fronts the band and they have the potential to go far and boy do they deliver. Right from the opening licks the guys quickly charge into full rock mode, no messing around at all.

The set is tight and fluid which the band handles like seasoned pros.If there is one thing that stands out with this band its the live shows, a fact which the guys themselves pride themselves on. After this performance you can see why. The ‘Colour Of Noise’ truly do tick all the right boxes and I look forward to catching them again as their set is over all too soon.

James Toseland arrives on stage donned in a tight white t-shirt with jeans, looking much like Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible, something which excites the ladies in the crowd.

The first thing I would be interested to see is if James can actually hit those tones and notes in real life that he nails so well in the studio. My answer was soon to come, as he wastes no time and launches his vocal attack. With ‘Living In A Moment’ he screeches like a banshee and any fears I may have had are banished in an instant. ‘Life Is Beautiful’, ‘Stranger Things’, ‘Crash Landing’ all come thick and faster than a 1000cc Ducati, but we are then reminded there is ‘Nothing You Can Do About It’.

As the night was racing past one member of the audience asks James to “sing the song as promised”! “Which song?” replied James. “Well I don’t know”… she replies.  Promptly and with a wry smile, James, being the gent he is, dedicates the next song to them as they are ‘Living A Lie’.

The band were tight and fluent with Zurab Melua and Ed Bramford taking it in turns to lead the guitar assaults each one with their on unique style and electric, blistering fretboard finger work which still maintains the balance and doesn’t overstep or overplay the songs. The rhythm section is held up with perfect timing by Roger Davis on bass and the thunder and lightning on the skins, Joe Yoshida. What a drummer this guy is as well!

As the night with ‘Toseland’ draws to an end faster than a Yamaha R1 at full tilt round Donington park race track, we are left to reflect on what was in my opinion one of the best gigs I have been to and I have been to a few. Yes it really was that good, this band really do put on a show and are full on value for money and then some. If you have the opportunity you really must catch ‘Toseland’ on the road, you will not be disappointed!

Toseland Setlist:-
Living In A Moment
Life Is Beautiful
Strange Things
Crash Landing
Nothing You Can Do About It
Living A Lie
Good Eye Blind
Never Love Another
Just No Way
Fingers Burned
Too Close To Call
Hearts And Bones
Puppet On A Chain
Singer In A Band
Cradle The Rage
We’ll Stop At Nothing

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