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Doro – Loves Gone To Hell Single Review

Released By: Nuclear Blast

Release Date: April 1, 2016

Genre: Heavy Metal



Doro – Vocals

Bas Maas – Guitar

Luca Princiotta – Guitar

Nick Douglas – Bass

Johnny Dee – Drums


Track Listing:

Love’s Gone To Hell (Radio Version)
Love’s Gone To Hell (Single Version)
It Still Hurts (feat. Lemmy Kilmister)
Rock Till Death (Live)
Save My Soul (Live)
Love’s Gone To Hell (Original Demo Version)


The Queen of Metal herself, Doro placed “Love’s Gone To Hell” on the same level as the unforgettable anthems, “All We Are,” “Love Me In Black” and “Für Immer.”  After listening to it along with checking out the music video, I have to say that I agree.

Between the powerful instrumentation, to the repetitive chorus by Doro, I became hooked and out of tissues. That word Love alone holds an immeasurable amount of power that it can make many lose their mind.  When people reach a breaking point, they tend to let go of any sense of reality, where they feel lost or dead inside without their significant other.  This song stung me right in the heart as I listened and watched the powerful video demonstrate this emotion and horrific thought that one would want to commit suicide to exterminate the pain of living without the life the two lovers shared.

The single album opens up with the Radio version of “Love’s Gone To Hell.”  The difference between this and the single itself is, for starters, it clocks in at just under 3:30 in length.  The intro begins with Doro’s voice echoing and crying out “It’s when love’s gone to hell,” followed by the ballad instrumentation emphasizing between the keyboard and drums.

Moving along with the preferred version known as the “single version,” starts out slightly different where you briefly hear the piano followed by Doro’s voice.  Love ballads are perhaps the most popular songs in many different genres of music, but there is something more haunting in this particular piece.  Everything including the guitar riff, holds out a powerful emotion where I cannot stop listening.

The lyrics alone, poetically speaks out passion and devotion.  The simple lines such as “Why do I feel so lonely?” Showcases an experience many have had during an unhealthy, unsuccessful and failed relationship.  Doro’s voice is magnificent in the track as the repetition is needed where she describes the death of love while crying out the title of the song continuously.  It truly is spellbinding and towards the end of the track you hear a heartbeat as the heartbreaking chorus continues.

After hearing the first two versions of saddened heartbreak, the next piece was added most likely as a tribute to the late Lemmy Kilmister with “It Still Hurts.”  Originally from 2012’s Raise Your Fist, however, perfectly placed on this single where tissues are highly recommended.  A delicate piece that many can cope with their romantic sorrows as Lemmy and Doro’s vocals remain timeless.

Easing up the mood, the live version of “Rock Till Death” comes on next, which was heard in 2012’s Raise Your Fist.  An enjoyable tune, this time around it features one of my favorites from Blind Guardian Hansi Kürsch.  Another live piece hits next, this time an old-school classic “Save My Soul” hit which is from 1989’s Force Majeure, Doro’s debut solo album.

The single concludes with the original demo version of “Love’s Gone To Hell,” that generates a different and typically raw vibe.  Holding a different sound that made me wonder which direction they wanted to go with from the beginning.  This single is well worth picking up, and hopefully, there will be a full album to soon follow.


Written by: Zenae Zukowski

Ratings: Zenae   10/10


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