Interview with Black Rain @ Hard Rock Hell


With straight ahead, catchy rockers like “Blast Me Up” (the first single and video clip), “Death By Stereo”, “Bad Love”, and the sharp edged “Dancing with Fire”, BlackRain reminds us that this gang has grown up with the sounds of WASP, Guns N ‘ Roses, Skid Row, Ratt and Mötley Crüe. Other tracks suggest different influences, equally interesting: “Young Blood”, a mesmerizing mid-tempo groover, “Cryin’ Tonight”, an almost perfect pop pleasure or “Wild Wild, Wild” with its anthemic chorus and hook. It’s clear that with these songs, all written by the main composer Swan, you have the kind of artist who’s not just satisfied with living with the influences of the present or the past. The gorgeous ballad “Nobody But You” and “Re-Evolution – New Generation”, undoubtedly the most ambitious and most surprising moment of the entire album, prove beyond doubt that BlackRain can never be labelled as “followers”.

MGM – We have just seen you guys on the sleaze stage here at HRH United, how did you guys find that?.

BLACK RAIN – We really enjoyed our set, the fans were all great, we couldn’t believe what a great response we got.

MGM – Yes you got a really good turn out were you expecting that many people?.

BLACK RAIN – For such an early start we weren’t expecting that many, it was fabulous we really enjoyed it.

MGM – Your new album ‘Released’ is out on the 25th March, can you tell us a little bit about this?.

BLACK RAIN – We are very happy with the production we are very happy with the songs, we cannot wait for the release of ‘Released’.

MGM – You guys have played with come amazing artists such as Alice Cooper/Steel Panther/Scorpions, what was that like?.

BLACK RAIN – All of them were absolutely crazy, the craziest was definitely Scorpions, Alice Cooper was surreal, it was like being in Wayne’s World, ‘we are not worthy’. Playing with such big bands in front of fifteen thousand people is really something else. Its very different from playing in a club.

MGM – You guys are heading off to Download in Paris, are you guys excited about that?.

BLACK RAIN – We are really excited to play that, for now its the only date we know we are playing after this festival as we haven’t been given our tour dates yet. So hence why this is the only tour date announced so far.

MGM – What was it like working with Jack Douglas, known for producing John Lennon’s solo albums and discovering Aerosmith?.

BLACK RAIN – We flew over to the states to meet with Jack and he listened to Black Rain and he really liked us, so that’s how we got to work with him, its really special for us, working with someone like that in the industry with such a high profile for us we were like ‘oh fuck’ you know, it was a great experience for us. Everywhere we went he knew everyone, he’s well established, well known for his great work.

MGM – Is there anywhere you guys would like to play that you haven’t played yet?.

BLACK RAIN – We would like to play in the States, we would like to go back to Japan.

MGM – Are there any festivals that you would like to play that you haven’t played yet?.

BLACK RAIN – Yes we would really like to play Wacken, there’s also Hellfest, we will play anywhere.

MGM – What plans have you got after you leave here?.

BLACK RAIN – We are just eagerly awaiting the release of our album, and our tour dates, we cant wait to see what people think of our new material. We are also writing some new material so we are planning ahead for the future.

MGM – Have you got anything you would like to say to your fans?.

BLACK RAIN – We cant wait to meet you on the road, party with you and hang out.





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