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Lita Ford – Time Capsule Review

Released by: SPV/Steamhammer

Release Date: Out Now!!!

Genre: Rock




01. Intro
02. Where Will I Find My Heart Tonight
03. Killing Kind
04. War Of The Angels
05. Black Leather Heart
06. Rotten To The Core
07. Little Wing
08. On The Fast Track
09. King Of The Wild Wind
10. Mr. Corruption
11. Anything For The Thrill


Life has never been easy for the iconic Hard Rocker Lita Ford, which is showcased in her latest memoir Living Like a Runaway: A Memoir.  Ford was born in London where it wasn’t until the age of eleven when she emigrated to Los Angeles, California with her parents.  Shortly after, Ford grew a desire to pick up the axe after being deeply inspired by Deep Purple’s Ritchie Blackmore.  With music passionately running through her veins, it was 1975 when Ford was recruited by Record Producer Kim Fowley to join the all-female Rock band, The Runaways. This short-lived act has generated classic tunes including “Queens of Noise” and “Cherry Bomb” and kickstarted the infamous career for Ford and Joan Jett.  The Runaways disbanded in the early eighties due to creative differences between Ford and Jett where Ford wanted to stick with an edgier Hard Rock sound as Jett wanted to move in a rebellious Ramones-esque Punk Rock direction.

Ford continued her musical passion as she went into a solo act and released her debut 1983’s Out For Blood.  Ford’s solo career didn’t successfully hit until after her second album 1984’s Dancin’ on the Edge with the hit “Gotta Let Go.” However, it was her 1988 self-titled album Lita, that brought her to commercial success with the hit “Kiss Me Deadly,” and the duet ballad “Close My Eyes Forever” that featured the Prince of Darkness, Ozzy Osbourne.  Ford continued to climb heights as she released 1990’s Stiletto with the hit of “Hungry” and her 1991 release of Dangerous Curves.  Unfortunately, it was after 1995’s Black when Ford went on a near fifteen year hiatus.

Ford returned with 2009’s Wicked Wonderland, yet it wasn’t until 2012’s Living Like a Runaway that brought her back to her roots with the resilient track such as “Relentless.”  Since then Ford has become unstoppable and touring with her band Patrick Kennison (guitar), Bobby Rock (drums) and Marty O’Brien (bass).  This impactful history leads towards Ford’s next creation which is her latest Time Capsule.

With the many punches Ford had to face in her career and personal life, it is not surprising to me that she just went with a raw and careless attitude on her next release.  Time Capsule hit the market two months after her memoir, on April 15th under SPV/Steamhammer and this continues with her history in audible form.  A one of a kind recording, that managed to turn back time when Ford revisited old material that was recorded before the digital age.  An enjoyable self-produced collaboration that includes the help of sound engineer George Tutko and a handful of guest musicians from the late eighties era.

The intro is spoken by Ex-W.A.S.P frontman Chris Holmes as though he plays Lita Ford’s father.  It opens up with the sounds of an eighties game show musical introduction, as Ford appears to represent her teenage Rock N’ Roll rebellious self.  Perhaps, this was a glimpse to show how things were back during her youthful years when she ran off in a “Ford” to join the Runaways and kick-off her musical career without looking back.  Moving into the next “Where Will I Find My Heart Tonight” features Jeff Scott Soto (ex-Yngwie Malmsteen) on vocals and Rodger Carter (Eddie Money, Rick Springfield) on drums.  It acoustically opens in more of a Pop and heartfelt tone while Ford passionately sings about her search for freedom while passing through tormented madness.  The song does not have her typical edgier hook, but it does capture the eighties sound.

The fun tune of “Killing Kind” features the randomness this album holds that includes Dave Navarro (ex-Jane’s Addiction) picking up a mandolin, Billy Sheehan (Mr. Big) on bass, Rodger Carter (drums), and Cheap Trick’s Robin Zander and Rick Nielson on backing vocals.  It is a continuous Lita song on her “Hungry” theme, where we continue to be hungry for love despite going through inevitable heartache.  This twist-knife sacrifice of a track remains engaging that also includes a guitar solo to smooth out the emotion.  “War of the Angels” is another soft and atmospheric tune that continues with the somber and emotive energy.  At this point, I was wondering if the album was going to pick up its speed to have the edgier Ford that I have loved. However, the last minute of this piece grows heavier where it continues to musically surprise me.

Finally, “Black Leather Heart” comes in that reminds me of the aggressive attitude Ford is known for as though it is a B-side to Dancin’ on the Edge.  This rebellious energy continues with the next “Rotten to the Core” that features Gene Simmons (KISS) on bass and Bruce Kulick (ex-KISS) on guitar.  As though it is a demonstration of Lita historically living life on the edge as she continues to rise above.   After the last two “welcome back Lita” tracks, the album slows down once again with the Bluesy instrumental “Little Wing” that features Jimmy Tavis (ex-Odin) on bass.  Picking up with a Grungier vibe during “On the Fast Track” leaves another catchier chorus as the song moves into a speedier jam.  “King of the Wild Wind” hits next which continues with the coarse Lita sound, however, flows in a slower direction.

I enjoyed the next “Mr. Corruption” where I believe the chorus holds a catchy hook to the point that I predict it will be soon performed live.  The final track “Anything For the Thrill” is my personal favorite song off of the entire album.  This is the example of Lita’s own time capsule as she lived the hard life and shared a piece of her soul to her fans that have adored her over the years.

Time Capsule resurrects the eighties, where those who are looking for that raw and analog sound, this one is for you.  It is full of eighties Hard Rock nostalgia, where Ford managed to let go carelessly and to just have a good time.


Written by: Zenae Zukowski

Ratings: Zenae   8/10

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