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Jeff Angell – Staticland Review

Released by: UDR GmbH

Release Date: May 20th, 2016

Genre: Rock



Line Up:

Jeff Angell – vocals, guitar
Benjamin Anderson – keys, bass
Joshua Fant – drums


Jeff Angell threw himself into the Seattle sound at the turn of the century with ‘Post Stardom Depression’, and ‘Staticland’ is an album which is carrying on that tradition but with a soupcon of 70’s rock and electro punk tied in nicely.

From the opening Jon Lord’esque keyboards of ‘Everything Is Wrong’, Mr Angell welcomes us with comforting 70’s influenced arms, draped in denim and patchouli.  Progressively this hard rock loner tunes in to echoes of the Stranglers in an electronic rock symphony of angst …perfect for a road trip Route 666 style.

Electro 80’s feel combined with a post punk rock vibe give the second track ‘The Edge’ the constant feeing of a well oiled freight train rushing towards the edge of the your last blues breath, whilst ‘Never Look Back’ provides a corker of a drum intro then these beats provide the rollercoaster background rolling up and down throughout.

‘Band Aid On A Bullet Hole’ breathes Texas Mexicana with a hint of Tarantino.  Sexy and steamy the haunting lyrics drip from this Jeff’s tongue like a golden shot of Joven Tequila and the guitar kicks the back of your throat like that amber critter going down.

Echoes of Seattle and also the Californian, Stone Temple Pilots, come into play in the opening of ‘Phantom Limb’, leading superbly into crunching guitar which is pleasing melodic yet darkly tempting, providing a blend of grunge, rock and blues.

Imagine you are on a porch in Alabama, swinging slowly in the humid, summer heat …’The World Is Going To Win’ would be the sweet, sultry sunset of a song you would be playing.  Simple yet delectable guitar and the gentle brushing of the drums, draws you in to mesmerise you.

‘Nola’ and ‘High Score’ are two other tracks that really stand out on the album.  ‘Nola’ transports you to an American High School football stadium .. fuelled with band drumming, whistles and majorettes twirling their dirt punk, rock batons around you in a haze of sleazy anticipation.   Whilst ‘High Score’ opens with an LA woman feel which quickly changes into an open road, hot rod of a score, having the ultimate cross over of retro keyboards and trance guitar feedback.

Staticland is unusual, in that it combines, even if it just hints, at so many different genres of music whether it be 80’s electro pop, punk, blues or rock.  But I LOVE it … it’s a keeper in my collection and any band that transports me to Alabama in the summer or slamming Tequila in Texas is ok by


Written by Francijn Suermondt

Ratings   8/10


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