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Hard Rockers Killer Bee, Premier new single “Higher and Higher”, Preview single now!!!

The great Rockers Killer Bee have given Myglobalmind a sneak preview of their upcoming single, “Higher and Higher“, as usual a great tune from a vastly underrated band. Please check them out on Itunes and Spotify, we all look forward to their upcoming new album titled “The Eye in the Skylater this year.

The band is scheduled for a video release for “Higher And Higher” , and in April the title track will be released on video and single as well – “Eye In The Sky”.



On a rampage through the 90’s with the release of 3 albums, 5 singles and as many videos. Killer Bee showed at that time that traditional hard rock of the truest kind never dies. Their bull headed approach and never say die attitude landed them shows all over the world between 1994-1998 from the RED SQUARE & OLYMPIC STADIUM in Moscow, SUPER RALLY – Harley Davidson Festival in Voralberg, Austria, OUT IN THE GREEN, BRIENZER SEE FESTIVAL, BRONCOS FESTIVAL, PASHANGA FESTIVAL to name but a few in Switzerland together with artists such as OASIS, R.E.M, ELTON JOHN, ROD STEWART, PAGE & PLANT, MEGADEATH, PETER FRAMPTON and many more.. In May 1998 after a 6 month period in the Canary Islands Killer Bee took a break, a break that would last 15 years and refuel the engines that propelled Killer Bee into action way back then… Well, now they’re back, hungry and stead fast.

2011 – The release of “Almost There” a self Proclaimed salute to days gone by. Gave fans a chance to hear a compilation of songs that the band thought best represented them from their earlier releases. This lead to an unexpected but true realization after 15 years of absence, they had been missed. The songwriting team of Anders “LA” Ronnblom and Brian “Bee” Frank went to work. A new album was conceived.

2012 – October 22nd “From Hell and Back” a suitably titled comeback album was released to warm and positive responses from the fans and the media alike. The album was released together with a first Video “All Night Long” followed by videos “Step Into My World” (Dec 2012) and “I Believe” (January 2013) followed by “Footprints In The Sand” (May 2013)

2013 – October 15th, Killer Bee once again deliverd a new kick-ass Album – “Evolutionary Children” followed by the videos “Children Of The Evolution” and “Scream It”..this time the band had started to collaborate with TARGET MUSIC/MIGHTY MUSIC (Denmark) and once again the band recieved great response around the world..

2014 – TARGET/MIGHTY MUSIC re-released the album “From Hell And Back” in January followed up by a video, the title track – From Hell and Back that’s been mixed by Rich Chycki (Aerosmith, Gotthard, Rush, Dream Theater)
In June the band got together in PEI, Canada with Paul Milner (Queensryche, Keith Richards) to work on a new Album.. and there’s much more to excpect in the near future – No rest for the wicked.

Gathered fans worldwide: Killer Bee show no sign of giving up.
Go to any of the below links and see for yourself. If you’ve missed this band in the 90’s you do not need to miss them anymore. Killer Bee are back and they have the sting to give ya the Buzz.
WE are all Evolutionary Children… Lets not forget that!

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