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Tom Keifer Takes the Bergen PAC by Storm in Englewood, NJ April 29th, 2016

Live Gig Review and Article Photos by: Robert Cavuoto


Whether Cinderella continues as a band or decides to call it a day, no one really knows, but Tom Keifer has proven he has a successful solo career in hand. He and his band mates have been touring relentlessly since his 2013 solo CD release, The Way Live Goes, and plan to release a deluxe edition with new songs and artwork in the near future.

Tom brings out many of the same hard rock and blues influences as Cinderella on The Way Live Goes but with a stronger blues / country vibe. His trademark vocals and melodic riffs transcend the listener to what Cinderella may sound like in today.

When Tom appeared on stage tonight at the Bergen Performing Arts Center in Englewood, NJ, you could instantly tell from the grin on his face that he loves what he’s doing – making music and playing live. Opening the show with the powerhouse rocker, “Once Around the Ride” from Cinderella’s Night Songs LP the audience got a glimpse of what was to come.

Sixteen songs were hammered out in this fast paced 70 minute set which included nine Cinderella hits like “Somebody Save Me,” “Shake Me,” “Nobody Fool,” “Nights Songs,” “Heartbreak Station,” and closed the show with  mega MTV hit “Gypsy Rose.” From his solo CD they performed two of my favorite tracks; “Higher Ground” and “It’s Not Enough.” All the songs were tight, fast-driven and neatly filled with all the trademark riffs and Tom’s raspy soulful vocals. By the second or third song the band was fired up and the sweaty; feeding off the energy of the crowd. Tom tireless worked the stage from side to side give all the fans plenty of attention and chances for iphone photos.

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Towards the end of the show the band erupted into a slower more-bluesy version of The Rolling Stones tune “It’s Only Rock n Roll” where Tom channeled his inner Jagger and strutted across the stage, mic in hand, capturing Mick unique stage moves .  He even paid homage to Prince and did a phenomenal version of “Purple Rain.” The energy on every song during the band’s performance matched the energy heard on Cinderella’s and Tom’s solo CDs.

Clad in a black leather jacket and boots, Tom lead his band on a rock n’ roll mission to provide enough blues inspired riffs and 80s hard rock for all fans to last until his next tour. He sang with passion and played with style; an entertaining frontman who exudes charisma and rock star attitude.

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Tom and his bandmates are a raucous, maximum-blues-infused septet that explode with rhythm and grittiness similar to some of the biggest rock acts out there. There was a distinct stage chemistry and comradery between the band members as I can see why he assembled such a great group. Together they provided an evening filled with tremendous flashbacks from the 80s, great guitar playing, and created some amazing memories with their new songs.


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