Camden Rocks 2016 Preview…. one month to go

Camden Rocks Festival is one month away!

Camden Rocks is one of the most unique rock festivals that the UK hosts annually. Every band big and small has passed through Camden Town at some point in their career and this 12 hour festival encapsulates the best of what this small strip of real estate in North London has to offer.

200 bands across 20 venues. The biggest problem you will face is not who to go and see but who to not see. At best you’ll manage to take in around 10 acts on the day, 12 if you run like Forrest Gump between venues as one ends and another begins. Having covered the festival for MyGlobaMind Magazine for the last 2 years, I can attest to the energy and anxiety that the desire to see more bands than is possible creates. It’s a pure adrenaline rush and can weeks of planning to try and understand timing and distance between venues, matched against the running order of the 200 acts on offer.

Never in festival history has a venue and running order ever been so necessary for a festival. Once the times are released, so begins the precision planning exercise that will guarantee the best day imaginable.

Aside from moving between venues, weather is also not an issue. All of the venues are indoors, meaning that this is one festival where the heavens can open and no one cares and it does little to spoil the great mood of the thousands of people moving up and down Camden High Street. Don’t take my word for it though, take a look at the highlights from last year’s event:

With only 4 weeks left and tickets selling very well (previous years all sold out), I would defy anyone to be incapable of finding a dozen bands or more that will appear on a MUST SEE list for them. As such, the chance to witness some big bands in small, intimate venues or small bands that will become huge in the near future.

Those smaller bands are also afforded a unique opportunity to perform based on the votes of the public. 20,000 votes cast and the top five have now been added to the bill. They are Florence Black, Callow Saints, Suburban Symphony, As December Falls and Black Rose Cadillac. 

 It’s going to be manic, it’s going to be unique, and it packs & sells out each year so grab your tickets before you miss out!

Check out this years line-up below, scroll further for our latest line up additions, or click here to get straight to it and grab tickets.

Check out our reviews from previous years here if you need further convincing:

Camden Rocks 2014

Camden Rocks Festival, live in Camden Town, London UK, 31 May 2014

Camden Rocks 2015

Camden Rocks Festival, London May 30 2015



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