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DevilDriver – Trust No One Review

Released by: Napalm Records

Release Date: May 13th, 2016

Genre: Metal



Line Up:

Dez Fafara – Vocals
Mike Spreitzer – Guitar
Neal Tiemann – Guitar
Diego Ibarra – Bass
Austin D’Amond – Drums



Testimony Of Truth

Bad Deeds

My Night Sky

This Deception

Above It All


Trust No One

Feeling Un-god-ly


For What It’s Worth

House Divided (Bonus Track)

Evil On Swift Wings (Bonus Track)



Live photos of DevilDriver in Dublin & Belfast, April 2014 by Olga Kuzmenko
Live photos of DevilDriver in Dublin & Belfast, April 2014 by Olga Kuzmenko
Live photos of DevilDriver in Dublin & Belfast, April 2014 by Olga Kuzmenko
Live photos of DevilDriver in Dublin & Belfast, April 2014 by Olga Kuzmenko

“Trust No One” – The name of this seventh DevilDriver studio album perhaps refers to the departure of three bandmates since they toured their sixth; a surprising split considering that Winter Kills was a hugely successful album for the band, who seemed stronger than ever at that point. Since then, sole remaining founding member Dez Fafara took time out to reform, record and tour with his former band Coal Chamber, releasing Rivals in 2015. It was a welcome surprise then, that DevilDriver were able to recruit, revive and return with a new album so quickly. And what an album! Trust No One picks up right where Winter Kills left off almost three years ago. If you liked that album, I suggest you read no further and buy Trust No One without hesitation.

DevilDriver is now comprised of Dez Fafara on vocals, Mike Spreitzer and Neal Tiemann on guitars, Diego Ibarra on bass and Austin D’Amond on drums. The fact that the new album sounds very much in line with the previous one suggests that Fafara and Spreitzer lead the musical creativity of the album and the group seems to have set up camp in a comfort zone that should please fans who don’t like surprises.

The first track ‘Testimony Of Truth’ has an unmistakeable opening riff, quickly followed by thundering drums and Dez Fafara’s familiar voice roaring “The truth is I never liked you”. The pace continues with ‘Bad Deeds’ kicking you in the face, and you just know this is a track that will be added to favourites. ‘My Night Sky’ has a slower, heavier feel to it and some of the vocal parts sound like Fafara’s Coal Chamber singing-style. Lyrics are straight to the point, expressions of resentment and revenge. ‘Above It All’ and ‘Daybreak’ are another one-two of stand-out tracks on the album with an especially cool melodic transition to a heavy-as-fuck outro in the latter. The title track of the album quite simply defines DevilDriver and Californian groove metal, and builds up to a galloping rhythm before slowly fading out.

We haven’t heard the two bonus tracks yet, but can’t imagine them swaying our overall impressions of this solid album. It’s a great listen, and will definitely be getting plenty of repeat plays here, but we’d like to see a bit more variation from the comfort zone next time around. Then again, they say if it’s not broke, don’t fix it!


Written by: Alan Daly

 Ratings:  Alan   9/10


Trust No One is released on Friday May 13th through Napalm Records.

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