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The Treatment live at O2 Academy Islington, UK on May 13th, 2016

Words by: Robert Sutton

Images by: Robert Sutton Photography


This was a tour from The Treatment to promote their recently released new album ‘Generation Me’ and it comprised of fourteen dates around the UK , with the last night of the tour being at the O2 Academy Islington London on the 13th May. Support for the night was from Airrace and The Amorettes.

Airrace: A melodic rock /AOR band who originally formed in 1982 now comprise of Laurie Mansworth (guitar –Manager of The Treatment) , Keith Murrell (vocals), Rocky Newton (bass), Linda Kelsey-Foster ( keyboards) and Dhani Mansworth (drums –son of Laurie and Drummer for The Treatment). The band have toured with the likes of Def Leppard, AC/DC, Queen and Meatloaf back in their day , but I guess their main claim to fame is that they had Jason Bonham as their drummer in their line-up…They opened tonight’s performance to a rather sparse audience, but gave a good performance with their sound reminding me of songs from Journey and Whitesnake. It looked like they were having a great time on-stage and enjoying the moment and gave us a bit of background music to have our first beers to….

Airrace_1 Airrace_2 Airrace_3

The Amorettes: Three lovely ladies from Scotland, Gill (vocals/guitars), Heather (bass/vocals) and Hannah (drums/vocals). They have only been on the scene for a little while but did support Black Star Riders last year on their tour and are now starting to be noticed by a wider audience. They play heavy rock as it is supposed to be played..(Well in my mind anyway..) and this is even summed up in one of their song titles..’Hot ‘n’ Heavy’. They played a good set comprising of eight songs and really did get the audience (who had now found their way out of the local pubs and into the venue!) warmed up for the main act. Once again I enjoyed their performance..(But just wished that they had had better lighting to take my photos of them…)

The Amorettes_1 The Amorettes_2 The Amorettes_3 The Amorettes_4 The Amorettes_5

The Treatment: Formed in 2008, they have had a recent line-up change and this was my first time of seeing Mitchel Emms (vocals) and Tao Grey (guitars –Tags brother) performing with the band. With the support of the other band members Tagore Grey( guitar), Rick Newman (bass) and Dhani Mansworth (drums) they didn’t have any trouble with their performance and both, I think, now feel quite at home being part of this super young band that plays hard rock , with passion and energy throughout their entire set. This really was a great performance from them, and it did really deserve to be a sold out show…(hopefully it will be, next time they play at this venue in the near future..??). With their ‘take no bullshit’ approach to playing great heavy rock, they opened with ‘Let It Begin’ and followed this with ‘Cry Tough’, both from their new album ‘Generation Me’. They then played ‘Running with the Dogs’ from their last album of the same name. They did play a few songs from their first album ‘This Might Hurt’ released on 20111 and finished their standard set with their very catchy and highly energetic ‘Shake the Mountain’ song. The encore comprised of another favorite ‘Get the Party On’ and this seemed to be the perfect song to end both the night’s performance and also the UK tour with.

The Treatment_9 The Treatment_1 The Treatment_2 The Treatment_3

I thought Mitchel did an excellent job up front both vocally and also with his interaction with the audience, Tag was his ‘normal’ very exuberant self who seems to put everything into each and every performance, But did leave it to the very last song before donning his trademark Viking hat with goggles.. Rick ‘Swoggle’ Newman was not far behind Tag with his exuberance on-stage and both Dhani and Tao gave strong performances.

I really loved their set and I do hope that it won’t be too long before they are really accepted into the rock world and make it to the big time that I think that they deserve.

The Treatment_4 The Treatment_5 The Treatment_6 The Treatment_7



1: Let It Begin

2: Cry Tough

3: Running with the Dogs

4: The Devil

5: I Bleed Rock + Roll

6: We are Beautiful

7: Bloodsucker

8: Generation Me

9: The Doctor

10: Backseat Heartbeat

11: Drink, F**k, Fight

12: Emergency

13: Shake the Mountain


14: Get the Party On

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