Sunstorm – Edge of Tomorrow Review

If truth be told and it is right about now Sunstorms' Edge Of Tomorrow' is all thrillers and no fillers...

Released by: Frontiers Records

Release Date: May 13th, 2016

Genre: Melodic Rock/Hard Rock



Line Up:

Joe Lynn Turner – Lead Vocals
Alessandro Del Vecchio, Hammond organ, keyboards, backing vocals
Simone Mularoni, guitars
Nik Mazzucconi, bass
Francesco Jovino, drums


01.Don’t Walk Away From A Goodbye
02.Edge Of Tomorrow
03.Nothing Left To Say
04.Heart Of The Storm
05.The Sound Of Goodbye
06.The Darkness Of This Dawn
07.You Hold Me Down
08.Angel Eyes
09.Everything You’Ve Got
10.Tangled In Blue
11.Burning Fire

This May the 13th sees the return of rock icon Joe Lynn Turner. From his early days leading Fandango, success with Rainbow and on to Deep Purple, then of course his stint with Yngwie Malmsteen before we even mention his superb and vast solo collection. Joe has enthralled us for many years with his unique passionate and soulful delivery, and note perfect unmistakable vocals so his return with ‘Sunstorm’ this May is something to really look forward to.

Taking up production duties is Alesandro Del Vecchio (who also plays keyboards,organ and backing vocals) he is joined by Simone Mularoni [who also plays guitar on the album] Soren Kronqvist and Daniel Palmqvist are just two of the main songwriters for the album.

Now any fans of Sunstorm or Joe will know what to expect melodic hard rock delivered in an envelope of keyboard wizardry and monster melodic riffs and ‘Edge Of Tomorrow’ delivers that and then some from the rumbling drums and sublime opening riffs of the opener ‘Dont Walk Away From A Goodbye’ to the meaty and rocktastic chops of ‘Heart Of The Storm’ which stands as one of the heavier tracks from the album while still maintaining the melodic anthem feel. Joe’s vocals are top notch on this track delivered as always with real passion and power.

One of the several ballads on the album ‘The Darkness Of This Dawn’ is a melodic masterpiece which not only showcases Joe’s vocals once more, but also has one of the great guitar solos and soul searching rhythm section. ‘You Hold Me Down’ is an all guns blazing a straight flat out rocker with a killer solo which will see you banging your heads screaming to the Sun and praying for the upcoming Storm.’ Angel Eyes’ another of the albums ballads is a real heart breaker with great piano work from Ale’. The rhythm section is tight which allows Joe room to express once again his soulful yet powerhouse vocals, midway lies another killer solo which reaches in and tears them tears away.

If truth be told and it is right about now Sunstorms’ Edge Of Tomorrow’ is all thrillers and no fillers its simply hook filled melodic magic that is any track could and should be a Radio Hit.


Written by: Shane Bradley

Rating Shane:  10/10


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