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Phantom 5 – Phantom 5 Review

Released by: Frontiers Records

Release Date: Out Now!!!

Genre: Hard Rock



Line Up:

Claus Lessmann – lead vocals
Michael Voss – guitars and vocals
Robby Boebel – guitars
Francis Buchholz – bass guitar
Axel Kruse – drums


01. All The Way
02. Blue Dog
03. Someday
04. Don’t Touch The Night
05. Renegade
06. Flying High
07. Since You’re Gone
08. They Won’t Come Back
09. Frontline
10. We Both Had Our Time
11. Why
12. Sing Along (bonus track; digital version)


As a longtime fan of German hard rock band Bonfire I was sad when singer Claus Lessman had a falling out thus ending his time with the band (though I like David Reece, Lessman is the voice of Bonfire.) When I heard he was working with guitarist Michael Voss (Cassanova, Bonfire, and Mad Max,) putting together a new project, I was pretty stoked. Joined by guitarist Robby Boebel (Frontline,) drummer Axel Kruse (Jaded Heart,) and bassist Francis Buchholz (Scorpions) we’re talking a veritable who’s who of German hard rock; forming super group called Phantom 5. With the components lined up musically, and Frontiers spearheading the project, I had zero concern about the quality of the product.

Once I had the s/t album Phantom 5 in hand and popped it in to give it a first listen I was instantly taken back to the 80’s when I first heard the music of Bonfire. AOR hard rock delivered with a bit more edge than most and that instantly recognizable voice, folks that are disappointed with where Bonfire is now should snatch this album up now. Voss and Boebel deliver some memorable riffs of melodic rock, while Kruse and Buchholz offer the perfect back beat, with strong harmonic chorus’ and songs like “Renegade,” “Since You’re Gone,” “All the Way,” and “Frontline” deliver high caliber hard rock that this spectacular grouping of musicians was sure to provide.

With such a storied career in the AOR hard rock world, it isn’t surprising that Lessman rebounded so quickly and was able to deliver an album with his band mates of this level of awesome. Phantom 5’s s/t debut is an album all five men should be proud of, and stands up to anything they’ve released prior in their various bands. I can easily envision myself listening to this album as much as I have some of the best from bands like Bonfire, Scorpions. Jaded Heart, and Frontline.


Written by: Chris Martin

 Ratings:  Chris   9/10


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