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First Signal – One Step Over the Line Review

Released by: Frontiers Records

Release Date: June 3rd, 2016

Genre: Melodic Rock



Line Up:

Harry Hess – Lead and backing vocals
Michael Palace – Acoustic, electric guitar and bass
Daniel Flores – Keyboards and Drums
Additional musicians:
Francesco Marras (solo on She is getting away and Love gets through)
Backing vocals: Darren James Smith, Harry Hess, Alessandro Del Vecchio, Nigel Bailey, Daniel Flores, Rolf Pilotti and Angelica Rylin
Produced by Daniel Flores



1. Love Run Free
2. Love Gets Through
3. Still Pretending
4. Broken
5. Kharma
6. Minute Of Your Time
7. She Is Getting Away
8. December Rain
9. Weigh Me In
10. Pedestal
11. One Step Over The Line


Harry Hess is best known as the singer of Harem Scarem, but he has also released a couple of excellent solo albums and got his start with the band Blind Vengeance. In 2010, when it looked like Harem Scarem was done Hess was approached by Frontier Records President Serafino Perugino with some melodic songs in the same vein as earlier Scarem records and Harry jumped on board. What transpired was the s/t debut album of First Signal. The album, of course, was fantastic, and sparked some interest in the AOR/Hard Rock community. A couple of years later and Hess was back in full (mood) swing with his old bandmates in Harem Scarem, so it looked like perhaps First Signal was going to be a one shot deal. However, Hess had written some songs with others and decided that First Signal deserved another release.

One Step Over the Line delivers the same top notch melodic music that First Signal did before. Very much rooted in that same style as his primary band, yet First Signal is geared more towards the melodic aspect than a harder rocking sound, which suits Harry’s voice perfectly. I’m not going to beat the same dead horse I have for years. The fact that this man, and any of the music he has helped create, isn’t known as commonly as any of the Top 40 crap is beyond me. Suffice it to say with amazing songs like “Broken,” “Love Run Free,” “Minute Of Your Time,” and “Pedestal” First Signal deliver a tight, melodic powerhouse of an album.

I have preached the amazing talents of Harry Hess for years. I doubt I will ever stop. And I’m sure some folks think that, “Oh well he’s such a fanboy he’ll always give <insert Harem Scarem releated release> high marks no matter.” Well think that if you will, but such capable musicians tend to have the abilities to release top notch material on a regular basis. Period. First Signal’s sophmore release is so good that if HS was to stop right now, Harry Hess would still have the perfect vehicle to carry on his talents. Having said that, I love having both of these bands around because they both serve different purposes. One Step Over the Line is a brilliant and needs to be in your collection.


Written by: Chris Martin

 Ratings:  Chris   10/10


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