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Red Vixen Records – label showcase live review, The Borderline, London, May 18th 2016

Based in London, fledgling label, Red Vixen Records held a showcase event to present three of the label’s up and coming acts. With 25 minute sets for each and free beer for the attending members of the press, the night was never going to be anything than a resounding success.

The Borderline is a great venue for this type of event and openers Lilith and the Knight had a great crowd in situ before they hit the stage at the relatively early 7:30pm slot.

Lilith And The Knight

A healthy slab of rock, a smattering of attitude and an excellent image greet the crowd when Lilith and the Knight take to the stage. The band have only done a handful of gigs together with the current line up and if pre show nerves were present, it certainly didn’t show. The short six song set mixed new, original material, with the stand out highlight being ‘Blues Metal’ an added a belter of a cover of GnR’s ‘Paradise City’.

Lilith, the perfect front woman in a world where, to be noticed is a skill in its own right, dresses to impress. The other press photographers present expended several memory cards getting shots of her from almost every angle. To quote the KitKat advert from the 80s, I’m sure “they’ll go a long way”. In Lilith and the Knight however, they can play and they can sing so they pretty much have everything going for them. A great opening act.

Lilith And The Knight – their debut single Wake Up is as irresistible as gravity’s pull,   feast your eyes now on the compelling Wake Up video


Having seen JoanOvArc play at the Barfly a few months ago, the energetic four piece bring a healthy dash of punk and roll to proceeding and with bands like the Amorettes currently doing very well on the scene, there’s definitely a place for them.

Their set also includes a cover but the highlight for me is new single ‘White Trash’. Gritty, dirty and with enough swagger to make the hardest of crowds get into the groove, this is a band that has put the time in to practice, rehearse, played the grotty pubs and come out of it all stronger, tighter and better than ever.

Their cover of Prince’s ‘Purple Rain’ closed the set and as tributes go, this was something else.

The band play Camden Rocks on June 4th. Get there early as they hit the stage at midday.

JoanOvArc – describing themselves as ‘Puss In Boots’ JoanOvArc release the empowering and epic new single White Trash in June
White Trash and Live Rock’n’Roll will be featured on their forthcoming Gil Norton produced debut album released later this year

Fire Red Empress

Fire Red Empress bring the evening to a rather more metal conclusion. Where the two previous acts dealt a fine hand of rock, FRE crank everything up a notch and will appeal to fans of the heavier acts out there.
Adorned in the sort of feathered headdress that hasn’t been seen since the West was won, Jennifer Diehl has the most powerful voice of the night and, when combined with the excellent backing vocals of her band mates, they deliver a solid modern sound that will be making its way onto radio playlists in many countries.
‘Half Bird, Half Beetle, Half Man’ and ‘Black Morphine’ get the show off to a great start, with ‘Seven’ and ‘Giants’ following before latest single and the track that’s destined to get them a significant amount of attention ‘Hail The Face’ is aired.
Fire Red Empress with a thunderous hard rock sound that refuses to be ignored their single  Hail The Face is a soaring radio – baiting anthem that deserves your attention. Watch now the white knuckle ride video,  featuring ‘James Bond’
The night closes out with ‘Dead Nature’ and everyone begins leave, sated, clearly having enjoyed a good night’s music from a label that may currently only have a few acts but they are acts worth investigating further. Expect to hear much more from all three of these bands.

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