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Rob Moratti – Transcendent Review

Released by: Escape Music

Release Date: June 24th, 2016

Genre: Melodic Rock



Line Up:

Rob Moratti – Lead Vocals and all background harmonies.
Torben Enevoldsen – Lead, rhythm guitars and keyboards.
Fredrik Bergh – Keyboards / Tony Franklin – Bass.
Stu Reid – Drums and percussion. / Christian Wolff – Lead and rhythm guitars on
“Don’t Give Up” and “Lost And Lonely”.
Ian Crichton (Saga) – Lead guitars on “I’m Back”.



Answer Of Life 4:46 / 2-Don’t Give Up 3:53 / 3- Edge Of Love 4:01 / 4- I’m
Back 4:28 / 5-Lost And Lonely 5:31 / 6-I’m Flying High 4:32 / 7-Within Your Eyes 5:06 / 8-
Midst Of June 5:06 / 9-There’s No Denying 4:22 / 10-To Be An Honest Man 5:02 / 11-Baby I’m
Yours 4:48 / 12-Euphoria 3:06


This June 24th marks the long awaited return of powerhouse melodic vocalist Rob Moratti. As he returns with his second solo album entitled ‘Transcendent’ which promises to be a monster melodic hit.

Since Rob first appeared as vocalist and main songwriter for ‘Moratti’ in the early nineties which saw the release of two fine albums ‘Desolation’ and ‘Legends of Tomorrow’  he has gone on to front melodic rockers ‘Final Frontier ‘ which saw the release of four albums. Which then led him onto replace ‘Michael Sadler’ in rock outfit ‘Saga’ while only recording one album before ‘Sadlers’ return it was one of great accolade indeed. In 2011 Rob released his debut solo album ‘Victory’ which saw an impressive lineup of guest musicians inc Reb Beach and Tony Franklin (who returns on the latest Transcendent release). ‘Robs’ last two outings include being guest vocalist for the Rage Of Angels Cd ‘The Devil’s New Tricks’ and his limited and now sold out tribute to his childhood and great influence ‘Journey’.

A sweet bass line sees us into the opener ‘Answer Of Life’ before Robs vocals in fine form set us up for a real 13 track melodic treat ‘Midst Of June’ with an infectious chorus and great guitar solo coupled with a great melodic background of keys and bass is soothing to the ear yet an assault on your melodic senses. ‘Im Flying High’ is a foot tapping singalong track that continues the melodic ride into your neighbors eardrums as you crank it up and Fly High like a melodic winged serpent as you look for a place to land so you can raise up your devil horns and scream ‘Im Flying High’.

‘Within Your Eyes’ slows things down to a soothing ballad level that pulls at your heart strings as the rhythm section keep things tight and the vocals reach in and pull a little more, with a great little solo midway through it sets this one up to be one of the standout tracks. With some fine bass and warming keys  ‘Baby Im Yours’ is another fine ballad that if (Within Your Eyes) didn’t reach the right parts then this surely will its melodic magic at its finest. The more riff heavy tracks while still maintaining the melodic feel are  ‘Im Back’ with more fine vocals and rhythm section bliss and features the solo of the album. and ‘There’s No Denying’ again showcasing Rob’s considerable vocal talent and indeed his songwriting and production skills, backed up by a selection of fine musicians ‘Transcendent’ announces the return of ‘Rob Moratti’ in his best and finest form ever.


Written by: Shane Bradley

Rating Shane:  10/10

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