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Judas Priest – Battle Cry Blue Ray Live Review

Released by: Epic Records

Release Date: Out Now!!!

Genre: Heavy Metal

Links: http://www.judaspriest.com/


Line Up:

Rob Halford

Glenn Tipton

Richie Faulkner

Ian Hill

Scott Travis



1. (Intro) Battle Cry
2. Dragonaut
3. Metal Gods
4. Devil’s Child
5. Victim of Changes
6. Halls of Valhalla
7. Turbo Lover
8. Redeemer of Souls
9. Beyond the Realms of Death
10. Jawbreaker
11. Breaking the Law
12. Hell Bent For Leather
13. The Hellion
14. Electric Eye
15. You’ve Got Another Thing Coming
16. Painkiller
17. Living After Midnight

Recorded live on August 1st, 2015 at Wacken Festival, Germany.

18. Screaming for Vengeance
19. The Rage
20. Desert Plains

Recorded live on December 10th, 2015 at The Ergo Arena, Gdansk, Poland.


What can be better then watching one of the most iconic metal bands on the planet live in front of thousands of raging metal heads at one of the best metal festivals on the face of earth, Wacken Festival in Germany? I can’t think of too many other ways to spent a evening full of rage and sin than with Priest. Witnessing this band live as they keep on crushing father time and proving their greatest achievements in a long storied career, the fact that Metal God Rob Halford will not quit no matter how old he gets, and that’s a blessing in the sky for any metal head.

Blue Ray high def quality has Epic Records releasing another thunderous night with Priest and company. Recorded live on  August 1st, 2015, this wild night has the band hitting on all chords. This metal package also features  3 bonus tracks shot in Poland on December 10th, 2015 at The Ergo Arena, Gdansk, Poland.

But let’s start in Wacken, the iconic venue can do no wrong, in front of 85,000 fans Priest kicks off the evening with “Dragonaut”, from their last record “Redeemer of Souls”, a nice way to start the headlining night, bringing the new fans and the old both into the present. Of course later classics such as “Victim of Changes” bring forward it’s typical melodic wave, and a personal all time favorite of mine “Beyond the Realms of Death” is one of those tunes that can be heard over and over and will always sound the same, epic and emotional at the same time. This night this tune sounds amazing and big props to Richie Faulkner for finding a place with Priest, not the easiest thing to come into a legendary band, but he’s been there long enough now that you can tell he feels very comfortable, and rightfully so. His musicianship does the talking, and I’m fine with that.

The rest of the band just slays with professional appeal, and Halford comes out in typical Metal God bravado, as he struts in his hot rod during “Hell Bent for Leather”. More tremors of classics arise in fine fashion such as “Breaking the Law’ and “Electric Eye”, more tunes that never get old, no matter what age you are, any true metal head can appreciate the history of these songs and the time in place of Priest arrival, with much class indeed. And the Blue Ray quality is particularly excellent, nothing like watching a premier festival live in perfect pixel amplification, sound is potent as well.

Ending the night of thunder is another Judas Priest classic in “Painkiller” and “Living After Midnight”, sure a typical set from Priest, but one that can be expected and still bring fun and a sense of pride after all these years that these guys keep plowing ahead alike such acts as Iron Maiden, carrying the old school metal torch for all the young bloods to see.

Take notice if you are and up and coming metal band, don’t forget the past, cause when bands like Priest are all but extinct, they will still be remembered by what the influences they left behind and the diamonds of songs they delivered; record in and record out.


Written by: Shadow Editor

 Ratings:     9/10


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