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Death Division – Angels of the Black Dawn Part One Review

Released by: Death Division

Release Date: June 24, 2016

Genre: Modern Metal


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Jerry Montano : Bass

Alex Rivas : Drums

Sean De La Tour : vocals/guitar



The Truth

See You Never

Run Away

Dead Heroes

In Loving Memory


Death Division is the brainchild of veteran bassist Jerry Montano (Danzig, Hellyeah, The Deadlights, Nothingface) who formed the band in 2012. Their independent debut EP in 2013 caught the attention of  Dave Mustain’s son Justis, which led to them getting the opening slot of Gigantour 2013. Death Division also caught the attention of Kirk Hammet, who asked the band to play at his annual “FearFestEvil” show.  And after touring for the last two years, they recently finished recording their newest EP ‘Angels Of The Black Dawn, Part One’. Set to be released on June 24th, and continue the bands rise in modern metal.

This five song EP starts with the first single called ‘The Truth’. This hard hitting anti-establishment song is a great choice for the first song on the album. It combines killer riffs with great vocals by Sean De La Tour, strong and melodic. This song deserves regular mainstream airplay and we consider it to be the stand out track off this EP. They also released a great video for this song that you should check out below.

Each song flows seamlessly from track to track. We really like the song ‘Dead Heroes’, which seems fitting, giving all the rock stars that have been lost so far this year.

As the album progresses, it’s evident that these songs are about struggles with addiction and overcoming the demons associated with them. The final song ‘In Loving Memory’ is a great song and brings the album full circle.

Our only disappointment is that it’s an EP. We would have loved to have had a full length album instead , but I guess we’ll have to wait till part two to get more Death Division. Fans will be looking forward to the next release.

The band is currently on tour with dates  through the end of June, but have plans for extensive touring into 2017. Death Division is definitely a band on the rise and you should check them out.


Written by : Pam and Mark Schaff

Ratings:  8/10



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