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Released by: UDR

Release date: OUT NOW

Line up:

Jonny Williams, – Guitar and Backing Vocals

Andrew Hunt, – Vocals

Gareth Hunt, – Drums

Darren King, – Bass and Backing Vox

Percussion, Hammond Organ and Vibraphone by Barrett Martin, at Sunyata Studios, Seattle

Cello on “Light of the Sun”, played by Emma Bryden,

Horn section on “Little Charles” by, Luke Lockyer, and Ryan Jones,



  1. Money
  2. Heartbreakin’ Floorshakin’
  3. Make You Mine
  4. Neverend
  5. As High as The Pines
  6. Light of The Sun
  7. Levitate
  8. Little Charles
  9. Priscilla
  10. Bird on a Wire
  11. Water to Wine

My first taste of Buffalo Summer came back in early April when I saw them play support for Monster Truck in the 100 Club, London and I knew straight off they were a force to be reckoned with.  Instantly smitten with this superior live act, my only complaint was that their set was too short, I could have listened to them for another hour or so…easy!

I wasted no time thereafter acquainting myself with their self titled debut album which I was also immediately sold on and it got a good few repeat plays.  It goes without saying, therefore, that I was eagerly awaiting the release of the follow up – and they do not disappoint…

If ever an opening track was going to entice you to listen some more Money is it.  Commencing with wailing guitar and pounding drums, your already hooked before the introduction of the striking vocals.  It’s hard rocking all the way with a bit of really heavy duty percussion towards what you think is going to be the end and just when you think its all over…its not.  Guitar Frenzy, phenomenal drumming and then it just fades out. Wow!  The immense talent of Jonny Williams’ guitar playing and Gareth Hunts’ drumming are impossible to ignore.

Make you mine is one of those classic catchy rock tunes I couldn’t get out of my head, full of excellent hooks and grooves there’s a fantastic riff around the halfway mark.  I’ve had this one on repeat a few times.

Neverend is similar with regards to pace, melody and the urge to repeat, while Levitate introduces a bit of bluesy slide guitar showing the bands diversity and experimentation with different genres.  They pull it off, and then some!

The vocals on Priscilla are truly stunning, it occurs to me at this point that Andrew Hunt has one of the best voices I have ever heard.  Backing vocals, which in my opinion can be “hit and miss” work in perfectly to compliment this track which has an amazing guitar riff rounded off by a bit of acoustic nearing the end.

High as The Pines is possibly the most original sounding track on this album, there’s quite a lot going on here for a song which is not overly long.  Lyrically superb, Darren King pulls off an amazing bass groove, the drumming sounds isolated in places and a classic guitar riff brings it to an abrupt end – musical perfection.

Light of the Sun is a very poignant track which starts off with beautiful gentle acoustic guitar, then into heavy drums and electric guitar which eases off before the sudden end.  Lyrics are thought provoking – carrying the message intended yet it remains musically upbeat.

Buffalo Summer have a distinct 70’s sound at their core but with a few surprises thrown in.  The Welsh rockers are instantly distinguishable and not afraid to put their stamp on things.

The talent of this four piece is astounding, their relentless touring schedule has made them musically tight and this is clearly demonstrated on this release, not a weak track to be heard here.  The alternation between acoustic and electric guitar sounds on the same track is something which holds massive appeal for me.

Second Sun was a tough review, it proves difficult to over analyse an AMAZING album which could be summed up just in that one word…

REVIEW: Karen Hetherington

SCORE 10/10

BS square



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