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DAXX & ROXANE – 4 X 4 review


Released by: Justice Brothers Records

Release date: OUT NOW

Line up:

Simon Golaz, – Rhythm Guitar and Harmonica,

Luca Senaldi, – Drums,

Cedric Pfister, – Vocals and bass,

Cal Wymann, – Lead guitar,



  1. Sugar Rush
  2. Wrong Side
  3. Girl Next Door
  4. Too Hot to Love

Never before having heard of Daxx and Roxanne I done a little digging and found out the band hail from Montreux, Switzerland and have been getting regular airplay on Planet Rock…and that they just played Camden, and I missed it.

So…straight into Sugar Rush and within around 15 seconds I’m hooked on their sound and in full party mode.  High pitched, fast paced vocals, revved up guitar, manic drums and I’m hearing strong similarities to some of the hard rock giants at the top of their game. Tempo lets up very slightly nearing the end of the track and there’s just a little bit of sleaze and bluesy harmonica before its back into full rock mode and an abrupt end.

Wrong side goes a little easier on the senses to start with but soon launches into a full hard rock assault.  It’s like the raw vocals of  AC/DC with the music of Motley Crue and WASP mixed together and shaken, Mind blowing guitar and wailing vocals conclude this track and I’m getting super excited about this band…

Cedric Pfister has a seriously super charged set of lungs, tested to their full capacity in Girl Next Door which is so perfectly synched you would nearly think he was singing to the guitar and the guitar was answering.

The repetition and backing vocals on Too Hot to Love scream 80’s which detracts not one bit from this classic hard rock tune.  Gathering momentum in the middle, the guitars are screaming, cymbals are crashing and then… it’s over and I’m thinking I’m going to be playing this CD long into the night!

Was absolutely blown away by this “all to short” tease of an EP.  It’s like a rock ‘n roll rollercoaster that you don’t want to get off and what I really want to know is – where’s the rest?

This Swiss four piece deliver no nonsense, high energy, hard hitting, kick ass rock you’re going to want to dance your ass off to. Simple.  Absolutely gutted I missed the gig, next time!

Review: Karen Hetherington

SCORE: 10/10


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