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Honky – Corduroy Review

Released by: MVD

Release Date: Out Now!!!

Genre: Rock



Track list

1. Corduroy
2. Baby Don’t Slow Down
3. Outta Season
4. Bad Stones
5. Ain’t Got The Time
6. Double Fine
7. Snortin’ Whiskey
8. I Don’t Care
9. Mopey Dick


I know I late for the dance on this one – However, here’s my review of one of the most fun albums I have heard this year.

Just like Steve Ray Vaughn brought the floods and Pantera brought the thunder I believe a tornado is brewing in Texas – this time though its and entire music scene that has been totally over looked and outshone in commercial success by the legendary Bay Area Thrash.

Today I continue to prove my theory by reviewing the 9th (although my first) album by the band Honky.

Honky consists of Jeff Pinkus, Trinidad Leal and Bobby Langraff (a Lifer of legendary status) this magical musical time around – a power trio of music that not only makes you want to move, it makes you want to sing along to!

Yet again another Housecore Records release, Corduroy boasts a list of guests like including Michael Brueggen, Dale Crover, and original Honky drummer, Lance Farley, Mark Gonzales the Fantasma Horns, Rae Comeau – once again showing that “the more the merrier” is a good motto in music.

3, 5, 7 and 9 are my picks of this album – not including the opener and Title track Corduroy which puts you in the mood from some good old Southern Fried Rock that’s just greasy enough you add some gravy just to make it a bit heavier on the gut.

Outta Season could possibly be the reincarnation of a SRV tune.  It has all the elements of thought and heart to make the soulfulness of this trio shine through.  Almost a gospel groove that makes you want to say AMEN METAL IS NOT DEAD!

Now, Ain’t Got The Time is the song that made me NEED to memorize the lyrics from the very first note.  Even Double Fine is one of those songs you get so lost in the multi level jam that it’s almost impossible not to want to sing the words or at the very least nod your head to say Yeah Man that’s the Funky shit!

Of course the Pat Travers’ classic Snortin’ Wiskey is a welcome addition to this moving and groovin album.  I love this song however this contributor does not recommend the behaviour. And just like Diver Down before it we have Honky’s Happy Trails with Mopey Dick.  Totally acapella, totally accurate and totally fucking Honky!  Again showing you why 3 can be a really lucky number if you want it to be.

Overall, this is one of those great albums that reminds me of Skynyrd – except there are only three of them.  The musical dynamics that these guys show again has me looking forward to hearing this album live.

It also has me looking forward to 8 other great albums to “research”.


Written by: Marianne Jacobsen

Ratings: Marianne   9/10

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