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Be’lakor – Vessels Review

Released by: Napalm Records

Release Date: June 24th, 2016

Genre: Melodic/Progressive Death Metal



Line Up:

George Kosmas – Guitar / Vocals
Shaun Sykes – Lead Guitar
John Richardson – Bass
Steve Merry – Piano / Keyboard
Elliott Sansom – Drums



01. Luma
02. An Ember’s Arc
03. Withering Strands
04. Roots To Sever
05. Whelm
06. A Thread Dissolves
07. Grasping Light
08. The Smoke Of Many Fires


Melodic Death Metal has quickly become a style I love dearly. The combination of the aggressive “cookie monster” vocals over usually complex, progressive music that is heavy as well as melodic hits me on an emotional level as well as a skill level. There are several bands that I am deeply enamored with, but one of the best ones is Be’lakor. They get their name from some game called Warhammer Fantasy (sorry, not a gamer so I’m not “hip” to this.) The name for me is inconsequential, because what is most important about a band…let’s say it together people…music! And thus far their music has been spellbinding.

Their newest offering, Vessels, is yet another stunning display of the immense talents of this Australian quintet. From the opener “Luma” to the closer “The Smoke of Many Fires,” Be’lakor wind through an array of sounds and moods that go from the intense death aggression of “Withering Strands” to haunting prog of “An Ember’s Arc” to almost contemporary metal with “Whelm” they’re able move seamlessly through a quiet piano riff as the back beat with a driving riff that is enhanced by an incredibly melodic guitar lick with a voice that is definitely aggressive, but not the typical style offered by most Death bands to ultra heavy without losing anything along the way. Somehow as they do all of this they also manage to deliver very powerful songs that have an emotional punch to them (and not just anger, which is tough to pull off for a band that is so heavy.)

If this is your first time hearing of Be’lakor, then you’re welcome. They’re an absolutely brilliant heavy band that’s able to add new layers and sounds to an already diverse genre. Vessels is a brilliant album and will easily find it’s way into at least my player multiple times. Hopefully some of you will feel the same.


Written by: Chris Martin

 Ratings:  Chris   9/10


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