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Broken Bones – Broken Bones Review

Released by: Westworld Recordings

Genre: Trash Metal



Line Up:

JJ – Vocals
Bones – Guitar
Tezz – Bass
Dave – Drums


I’ve heard the name Broken Bones a few times over the years, but never really got around to checking them out. Often cited as a tremendous influence on some of my favorite bands like Metallica and Anthrax, I’m not sure why I never really sought out their music outside of the fact that I wasn’t a huge punk fan back in the day when the name was more prominent in my world, plus accessibility in my area to their albums. They actually fell off my radar for a long time until I heard Westworld Records was releasing a three disc compilation featuring four of their albums as well as a live recording for the third disc. I saw this as my chance to finally see how obvious the influence of this band was on the bands I’ve loved for a while now.

From the start of the first CD with Dem Bones, I could tell instantly why they were held in such high regard. There was that clear, raw punk aggression so recognizable in the hardcore scene. The songs were high energy, fast paced, fist pumping punk, yet very early on the band had hints of thrash metal to their sound. Decapitated finishes off the first CD showing the band still enmeshed in the hardcore sound yet the metal sound seems to be becoming a bigger fixture for them. The second disc opens with the album F.O.A.D. (Fuck Off and Die.) This was my favorite of the albums, as they continued on the same path as their prior albums, yet the writing tightened up and they started getting a bit catchier than total aggression. Rounding out the second disc was Bonecrusher. This album definitely felt like they veered more towards a metal sound, though the punk vibe was still there. As stated above, the final disc was a live show at the 100 Club in Oxford England. It’s very raw and brutal and exactly what one would expect from a punk show. I can only imagine how it was to be in that crowd.

This was definitely a great collection to get introduced to a highly respected yet little known punk band from the early 80’s. Without a doubt it shows why so many legendary bands name them as a huge influence. They seem to be one of those bands that early on bridged the gap between the divided worlds of punk and metal. I can only assume the availability of these albums probably hasn’t been that great so if you’re a fan that has been wanting a collection like this or simply wanting to check out some killer hardcore, Broken Bones s/t compilation of four of their albums and a live show seems to be a good place to start.


Written by: Chris Martin

 Ratings:  Chris   8/10


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