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Denner Shermann – Masters of Evil Review

Released by: Metal Blade Records

Release Date: June 24th, 2016

Genre: Metal



Line Up:

Michael Denner – Guitars
Hank Shermann – Guitars
Sean Peck – Vocals
Snowy Shaw – Drums
Marc Grabowski – Bass



01. Angel’s Blood
02. Son of Satan
03. The Wolf Feeds At Night
04. Pentagram And The Cross
05. Masters Of Evil
06. Servants Of Dagon
07. Escape From Hell
08. The Baroness


The names Michael Denner and Hank Shermann are synonymous in the world of metal as top notch guitarists for the legendary band Mercyful Fate. Last year the pair released their debut EP Satan’s Tomb that showed major promise. The duo are back with their first full length entitled Masters of Evil and pay in dividends the promise shown on the EP.

As one would expect from fans of Denner and Shermann, the 8 tracks of Masters of Evil are chock full of blistering leads and memorable riffs. With a chemistry built over the last few decades it’s no wonder both men are able to compliment each other so well, the pair rivaling any other guitar duo in the history of metal. Toss in the incomparable vocals of Sean Peck of Cage and Deathdealer, whose abilities are reminiscent of the pair’s boss in Fate, yet not a caricature, offering his own vocal acrobats over a stunning selection of old school metal songs. As for the songs, there doesn’t seem to be a lot, but it’s quality over quantity here. Delivering old school metal similar to the likes of Judas Priest and Mercyful Fate, yet they have their own identity and manage to avoid sounding out of place in time.

When incredibly talented people come together, you expect incredible things. Sometimes it falls short, but in the case of Denner Shermann’s Masters of Evil, it truly delivers. Proving they’re not confined to waiting around for the next Mercyful Fate run (when and if it happens) these two men as well as Peck, Snowy Shaw, and Marc Grabowski have come together and given metalheads a fantastic collection of songs with an amazing band.


Written by: Chris Martin

 Ratings:  Chris   8/10


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