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Meet Italy’s Sleaze band Cream Pie and singer Rachel O’Neill , the best underground sleazy Metal band in the country

Interview by: Valeria Campagnale


Cream Pie is the best underground sleazy metal band in Italy, hooked up in 2005, a demo “Live Crime” came out in 2007, then two self produced albums and a sort of greatest hits produced and distributed by American label Demon Doll Records. They have played gigs between Italy, Usa and Europe with famous artist as L.A. Guns,Towers of London, Great White and Vain. They’ve recently released the new single “Downtown Pirates” and the new album will be out in September.

The brilliant frontman and friendly as ever, Rachel O’Neill, took the the time to answer some questions.


Hi Rachel and welcome to MGM, it’s always a pleasure to me talking with you. This time we’re here for an American magazine, for those who aren’t familiar with who you are, please, can you introduce the band?

CM: Hey Valeria and everyone! I’m the singer of Italian band named Cream Pie. We’ve been around since 2005 and still tryin’ to make our best. The line up is composed by founder Nikki Dick on the rhythm guitar, Phantom on the lead guitar, Daryo Cea at the bass and Kiki as our redhead drummer.

I’ve had the opportunity to hear four new songs of your new album and confirm you how I love the song “Monochrome” that as I had told you, reminds me a lot of Sisters Of Mercy sound. Point blank, three words with which you define your new album? What we should expect?

CM: Well, this album will be just the first step into a path of growth of our sound. Since we started playing, we used to be a lot sleaze, kind of Guns n’ Roses or L.A. Guns style. At the moment our sound is becoming more personal, thanks to our heterogeneous background. This is our greatest work up to date, I guess…

How has the songwriting/recording process on your the latest album?

CM: Everything was so natural. We felt the need of producing new songs, we really had the need of sending a new message to our audience. When Daryo and Kiki joined the band we started writing new riffs and lyrics all together as a real band. Inspirations flowed out of us as a river…we just had to write it all down.

What are your plans for the rest of the year in terms of touring?

CM: We are going to plan a promotional tour this fall, right after the album come out. We will start touring Italian live clubs then we will be on tour around Europe. Maybe in 2017 we will hit the US again.

Glam rock is not (unfortunately) what we see so often, at least in many parts of Europe these days. What is it that drove you to this style of music and performance?

CM: It’s something we have inside…it’s the only way we can describe our feelings in music and words. Everything in our songwriting is so natural and we don’t really care about the music trends in these days that is completely empty of meanings. We have something to say, as most of the underground scene.


Do you think that rock music has evolved for the better over the past few years? Italian bands sound much better in my opinion respect to older groups we had like Vanadium, Strana Officina or similar, don’t you?

CM: I think is just a matter of growth of ideas and sounds. Italian hard rock was a bit 70’s, because musicians grown up in that period. We started much more 80’s and now we sound 2000’s. I can’t say if it’s better or worse, it’s just different.

What’s the most challenging part of being a musician?

CM: Stay alive! (laugh)

These days we can’t live doin’ just music, so all of us need to find another job to carry on. Many bands splitted because of job matters. We are different, because we moved from the deep South of Italy to Milan just because we wanted to be closer to the European scene and we never wanted to quit.

What was something memorable a fan said to you after a show?

CM: It’s amazing when someone came to me, right after the show, saying we gave him emotions. That’s the reason why we’re still here. We want to give people a reason, an emotion, something to remember.

Let’s talk about your passion for music … how did you end up in this world and what attracted you to it? Did you dream of becoming a singer?

CM: My mother likes to tell that my first steps when I as a kid were to reach her phonograph. I always loved music, since I was born. And I’ve always wanted to be what I am right now. My voice is the best gift I’ve received and I want to share this gift. And, as someone told, “Playing is always better than work!”


Name one thing that fans may not already know about you.

CM: We don’t have secrets… We’re clear as anyone can see. So I really don’t know what to answer to this question.

Any final words for the readers?

­We always suggest not to search for us on Google… It may be a little awkward to write “Cream Pie” on a search engine! We’re are available everywhere on social networks and on our official website It would be a pleasure for us to know new people from the US, and we promise: see you over there very soon!

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