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Interview With Chris Holmes legendary co-founder of W.A.S.P.

Interview by: Valeria Campagnale


Chris Holmes is the legendary guitarist co-founder with Blackie Lawless of the band W.A.S.P. but Chris isn’t just a W.A.S.P. member, he’s a great musician, he made two solo albums, Nothing to Lose (2012) and Shitting Bricks (2015).

On July he’ll play with his band Mean Man, two dates in Italy, the 16th in Trieste and the 17th in Milano for Diversamente Rock 2016. Loud Guitars, an uncompromising sound and explicit texts. I’ll expect a show full of pure, simple and crude rock n roll.

It’s with anticipation I had the chance to do an interview with him.

Chris Holmes 3 Framed

Hi Chris, it’s such a joy to me have this opportunity and I thank you for the time you dedicate to answer to my questions.

First of all, as you’re inevitably associated to W.A.S.P. , would you introduce your Mean Man band?

CH: Yeah , I play with Pascal Bei in the bass , Tom Cesario in the guitar who both are from the city of Nice and Folkert Beukers from Venice Italy and play drums . I call him the Mussolini of Rock n roll .
I call the other guitar player (Tom) douchebag and the bass player (Pascal) Chief the big kahuna. He is also the temporary Mayor of Nice because he knows every fucking person here lol.

Are your songs inspired by your experiences or you’re inspired by something off your personal life? What most inspire you?

CH: I write just about reality , things i experienced. I don’t like writing about make believe things

We all know you live in Europe now. Which differences have you found in the music scene? I went twice to the  States when rock music was at its golden age between 80’s and 90’s. How has the rock scene changed?

CH: The rock scene in America turned into Hip pop and most kids listen on it. There is no more golden age in America anymore. No news worthy bands have come out the last 5 years.

Chris Holmes 2 Framed

What do you think about all the reunions of bands like G’N’R? It’s seems we haven’t any new groups with good ideas and good talented musicians as you or other “older” bands. Also very influential musicians passed away the past months, not a good time for rock music.

CH: It seems that nothing is better right now and this is sad ….not the reunions but the fact there is no more new bands.

Just talking about reunion…I know that you have been asked this question many times but, what is the possibility to see you with W.A.S.P. again?

CH: I doubt you will see a reunion with me on it because touring with him was the most miserable time I’ve ever had in my life because of his behavior towards me.

Your solo albums are self produced, why this choice? Have you started your own label?

CH: No i don’t have my own label …Maybe one day !!!….Self produced was a choice for the two first albums.

You know, if I’d define you as an artwork, you’d be an Andy Warhol one. That’s because you’re popular, colorful and easy to listen to (in the rock scene, of course). Am I wrong?

CH: No you are right …I have met a lot of people in my life and i ‘m not embarrassed by the name my parents gave me, I don’t put up a big wall in front of people and be something that I “m not. I didn’t start playing music because i wanted to be a rock-star . I started playing music because i have a disability in my teenage years and i couldn’t do sport, I accidentally took up music.

As last question, I’d like to know what do you really feel playing on stage and what would you like your audience to feel when they attend your shows or listen your albums? Is there a special feeling you’d like people to associate when listening to your music?

CH: I want them to enjoy themselves, i want people to walk out of the show and want to come back and see me play again, I want to play with energy. I look at  music like drag racing.There is an extreme amount of horse power in drag racing.

Chris Holmes 1 Framed

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