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“Walking In My Shoes,” from the new album “Life”,  To be released in autumn


The Italian alternative metal band Down the Stone has released their new single and video for “Walking in my Shoes” (June 17th), anticipating the release of their new album “Life” which will be out this autumn on Rock Today’s label. Available today on major sites for streaming and digital downloads, the song was arranged and produced by Marco Barusso (Lacuna Coil, Thirty Seconds to Mars, Heavy Metal Kids and many others) at BRX studios in Milano.The creation of the video was trusted in the hands of Jacopo Sarno, actor, musician and well known Television personality.

The director brought to life the four components in the black and white video which focused on details, where the protagonists never appear fully in the scene: «To make the video “Walking in my Shoes” was a fun experience and we appreciate the choice the director made to not offer the usual rock-metal video that most bands release» explains the band, who baptized their new album with a vigorous song born from the idea of guitarist Giordano Conti with lyrics by vocalist Lorenzo Ricci: « Walking in my Shoes is an autobiography that tells the story of a rebirth after a long period of difficult and dark times» explains the singer. It’s a rebirth for Down the Stone which comes under the sign of Rock which you will find a distinctive taste on the album: a sound that genuinely draws from Hard Rock and Alternative Metal from overseas. Inspiration comes from bands like Godsmack, Black Stone Cherry and Nickelback, with heavy guitar sounds, that incorporate decisive melodic aggressive riffs.

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Line up: Lorenzo Ricci (Vocals and Guitar),Giordano Conti (Guitar), Lorenzo Grassi (Bass guitar) and Fabio Catozzi (Drums).

Down the Stone were created in 2013 when Lorenzo Ricci (Vocals and Guitar),Giordano Conti (Guitar), Lorenzo Grassi (Bass) and Fabio Catozzi (Drums) all met.

In 2013 they released their first EP “Metamorphosis” recorded at Frequenze Studio in Monza, establishing the birth of the “Stone Sound”, a modern rock sound with a combination of a rock/metal feel from the past.Their EP received postive feedback and brought Down the Stone into some of the most lucrative and important live stages of the Milan local scene, in a year and half they will have played 30 live shows.

In June 2014, during a concert at the “Legend Club” in Milano, they were spoted by Marco Barusso, which he offered them the opportunity to record their first album “Life”, which will see the light very soon.

Live Photo: Romano Nunziato

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