Guns N’ Roses Fan had a sign removed by security July 9th, 2016 in Nashville, Tennessee **Update**

Recently, it has been reported on TeamRock and Blabbermouth that a fan from the recent Guns N’ Roses show on July 9th, 2016 in Nashville, Tennessee had a sign removed by security. Here are the links:

Initial piece from 7/12 on TeamRock:

Caroline Campos’ recent response to GNR’s denial:

Blabbermouth feed:

I have been personally following this news thread from the get-go as I was also there that evening. This time around, I was sitting far away, so I did not fully see what went on. I did not have the amount of money for the VIP access.

I hate to break it to Caroline Campos but, I enjoyed the “November Rain” performance, aside from the fireworks finale this was the highlight of the evening. To think, traveling over 7 hours and spending a ton of money to see one of your favorite bands just to have the moment taken away due to a sign that was made out of pure devotion to the band, is upsetting. My commute there did take an unexpected turn to be about 24 hours to see Guns N’ Roses, and I do not even want to think about how I would feel if that happened to me.

As Metallica likes to call it, fans are the “fifth member of a band,” and Caroline Campos has been a devoted fan for years where she knows more about them than probably what they know about themselves. When attending several shows, you will notice how important fans are to a band. They are the ones that make them Guns N’ Roses, Slipknot, Metallica, and even make them still relevant with reunited acts such as Bulletboys or even the eternal wait for Tool’s new album. The list is endless, as most of you (the fans) know.

As long as the fans respect the band and everyone around them, there should have never been an issue. Hopefully, Caroline Campos will one day receive a special performance of “November Rain” from Axl Rose himself (I kid).

CarolineandAnthony_GNR_Halloween News Framed

The photo above is Mrs. Campos and her husband Anthony a few years back dressing up as Guns N’ Roses for Halloween. They are just a couple that shelled out some money to see a band in a different state and city and had their favorite song destroyed due to having a sign hidden underneath their seats. It is one thing if they were asked not to hold it up, but another one to completely rip it in front of them, as Mrs. Campos stated.

To further report what happened on this evening, I spoke directly to Mrs. Campos, and she stated the following:

“We planned this thing for months and had all this anticipation and then were left with kind of a bad impression after what happened. I’ve loved Guns N’ Roses forever, and I don’t want to believe they would treat their fans like this. But I carried that sign around the VIP pre-show, where they took pics of me with it, and all around the stadium and no one from security or working for the stadium said a word. Not until after Axl saw it, and went backstage to change. That’s why I fear he was the one that asked for it, but as a fan, I hope it’s not true. If they just said someone behind me complained, I would have been happy to put it away. But he specifically said, “You can’t have THAT sign” as if the Izzy context was the problem. I was so upset about it that I wrote it down on Facebook. The next morning my brother texted me an article he saw. I had no idea it would become such an ordeal.”

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