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Change Of Heart’s “Last Tiger” Album Review

Genre-Melodic Rock/Rock
Released by: NEH Records
Release date: August 22 2016


1. Rise to the Challenge
2. Wayward Son
3. Roads of my life
4. March of Souls
5.Holy Days
6.Touch your soul
7.Hold onto Love
8. Last Tiger
9.Only Tomorrow
10.Stone Cold (In your eyes)
11.Silent Rage


The Band:

Alan Clark : Lead vocals / guitar
Nick Catterick : Lead guitar/ vocals
John Sykes : Keyboards / vocals
Jeff Hopkins : Bass / vocals
Guest Sam Ogden : Drums
Guest Guitars : Paul Hume and Backing vocals


change-of-heart_last-tiger Album Framed

‘Change Of Heart’ Is the brainchild of Alan Clark and after their self-titled debut release in 1998 there was a two year gap until their sophomore release entitled ‘Continuum’, spring forward five years later for their next release ‘Truth Or Dare’ and possibly their strongest release to date.

Although most original members have departed on to new things this has not stopped this melodic monster hailing from the north east of England. ‘Last Tiger’ is the brand new 2016 ‘Change Of Heart’ back with a bang, mixed and produced by the super talented guitarist/writer /producer Paul Hume (Lawless, Lifeline) and written by ‘Alan Clark’.

From the first chorus of foot tapping drums and soaring guitars of the opening track ‘Rise To The Challenge’ you are hooked, for this is not only melodic its anthemic, which soon has you pumped and ready for the melodic journey of just over 46 minutes of a melodic dream

‘Wayward Son’ is one of the heavier tracks while still maintaining the melodic feel with a crisper harder edge.

There are of course the obligatory ballads, including the piano driven bon jovi’ esque tearjerker ‘Hold On To Love’ and the highly melodic and infectious ‘Stone Cold’ ‘Roads Of My Life’ has more of a bluesy edge and the infectious chorus will have you singing along in a heartbeat.

There are no fillers here each track a melodic masterpiece in its own right, none more so than the Dio’esque rocker ‘March Of The Souls’ with sublime guitars and vocals added to a bass line of pure thunder it is a magical melodic monster, that will leave you screaming for more.

As the list grows for album of the year contenders ‘Change Of Heart’s’ ‘Last Tiger’ is definitely approaching the top. If you are looking to purchase an album, that will have you roaring in a chorus of song one minute and then have you drying your crying eyes, before melting you senses in a melodic meltdown. Look no further than ‘Change Of Heart’ ‘Last Tiger’.


Reviewer: Shane Bradley

Rating: 10/10

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