Interview with Tony Reed of Mos Generator, Maryland Doom Fest 2016

I'm a very prolific writer, we don't have to block out studio time. The songs just get recorded as they're written....

Interview: Pam and Mark Schaff

Photos: Pam and Mark Schaff


MGM : You guys have been working on a new album, when does the new full length album come out?

Tony Reed : The new album comes out August 5th, it will be our eight album, and a plethora of other splits and reissues and stuff. We’re on a French label called Listenable Records. The weird thing about that is it’s hard to get it in the states. But we’re always just touring, so we can sell it while on tour.

MGM : Is it tough while touring so much to come up with new music?

Tony : I produce records for living also, so i’m always in the studio when ideas come along. I’m a very prolific writer, we don’t have to block out studio time. The songs just get recorded as they’re written.

MGM : We’ve met a few people  that all the way from Norway this weekend. Having played in Europe how do you think the heavy metal/doom scene in America compares to Europe?


Tony : As far as I can tell from just creeping around, and working with bands, and I’ve worked with a lot of bands all over the world, is that of course the whole thing is exploding. And we’ve been around long enough to see it go up and down. A few times. You know bands start, then bands break up, then they move on to something else, and we’re just sitting and going we play this heavy rock stuff, and now it’s at a higher point than I’ve ever seen. And we’ve been together for 16 years, so it’s definitely at a high at this point. You know America is starting to get the concept of the European style music festivals. When we go to Europe, it’s always like this, all the time.

MGM : We wish we would have more festivals like this in the states.

Tony : At least it’s starting to get here. And it’s made it really hard for us in America over the years, we couldn’t do US tours because there wasn’t enough market for you to do so. Even still when you go to a small city along the way to make a stop, people are like, we don’t even have music like this here. And their like “Thank you for coming, thank you”. We were planning on doing a tour, maybe next year, of cities that nobody goes to. Like it would be the weirdest tour, we’ll play on the floor of a dive bar if we think people would be into that. I put that idea up and people went nuts, people are like, please come to here, come to here. And you know we’re not opposed to that. Give us a $100 and we’ll be there. In the bigger cities we have people coming from an hour and a half to three hours away. They tell us we came to this place, because we know your not coming to our little town.


MGM : How does it feel to be the headliner of day 3, and close the Doomfest 2016?

Tony : So basically when JB asked, I was like, “Why you asking us?”, and he said “Well, I just want you guys to get some exposure”. I feel honored of course, and scared because it’s the last day of the festival. You know the die hards are here and we don’t want to disappoint anybody. So if things start to deteriorate, at least i can say I’m playing a cool gig on a Sunday night! Just being asked to be a part of it is really cool.


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