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Crazy Lixx ” Sound of the Live Minority” Live Album Review

Genre: Melodic Rock/Rock
Released by: NEH Records
Release date: July 13 2016

1. Intro
2. Rock and a Hard Place
3. Lock up your Daughter
4. Blame it on Love
5. Sound of the Loud Minority
6. Riot Avenue
7. Call to Action
8. Road to Babylon
9. My Medicine (R.O.C.K)
10. Hell Raising Women
11. Girls of the 80’s (+ intro for Heroes are Forever)
12. Heroes are Forever
13. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot
14. 21′ Til I Die

The Band:
Danny Rexon (vocals)
Andreas Z Eriksson (guitar)
Jens Lundgren (guitar)
Joél Cirera (drums)
Jens Sjöholm (bass)

Fewer recent era bands have captured the big hair, make-up wearing bombast of the 80’s better than Sweden’s Crazy Lixx:

Crazy-Lixx fun Article Framed

Formed in 2002 the band have forged a following with four melodic albums that tap right into that glam era of hard rock in the mid to late 80’s that seemingly ruled the world at the time. Fully embarking on creating that same look, sound, and feel, Crazy Lixx have not only achieved their goal, but in a lot of respects have surpassed those bands they pay homage to- especially in the songwriting department. Instead of relying on three chords, played loud, and lyrics about partying Crazy Lixx have focused on writing top notch songs that some of the legends of the genre only wish they could.

Celebrating these four albums, their history and a new line-up the band are releasing their first live album Sound of the Live Minority. Recorded at the Bang Your Head Fest in Germany last year, the band perform a ripping set of some of their best songs like “Blame It On Love,” “Call To Action,” “Heroes Are Forever,” “Rock And A Hard Place, “and “Road To Babylon” this album encapsulates why this band are so good and so much fun. When dealing with live albums, one never knows just how live it is. If this album is truly a live album (and truthfully it sounds like it is,) not only are they an excellent studio band, but are beyond able of delivering the goods live.

Crazzi Lixx Album Framed

Obviously if you’re not partial to the glammed up 80’s hard rock, nothing Crazy Lixx does is going to work for you. However, if you’re already into this band or simply can’t get enough of this style, Sound of the Live Minority is an excellent album worthy of addition to your collection. Clearly the band are enjoying themselves and the crowd is loving every moment of their set. Crazy Lixx’s delivers precisely what a live album should: a great mix of songs spanning their career and giving the crowd a fantastic show.


Reviewer: Chris Martin

Rating: 8/10

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