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Bower Power for an Hour and Fifty-Three Minutes

Interviewer – Marianne Jacobsen

If you are like me, Jimmy Bower’s name is not a commonly known name – however an extremely important part of all that is NOLA music.

If he was a Muppet he’d be Animal and if he was in Led Zeppelin he’d be Bonzo – without the choking on the vomit part.

Right around the same age as me (47.6), Jimmy Bower has toured and come in contact with the Royalty of Metal – chatted and partied with our idols (special note to Dio/Geezer Butler, and Darryl Abbott) yet is the most down to earth person you could ever imagine. So down to earth that he actually is driving Uber in NOLA for “something to do”.
He also now has Bower Power (his moniker) put on t-shirts finally so we can all finally support Tronic (his nickname from Darryl “Dimebag” Abbott) the love and support he deserves during these monetarily lean times in music.

Details here on his Facebook page

I have attempted to interview Mr. Bower on two occasions now.

Once during his brief tour with EyeHateGod in the spring. This call got cut off due to connection issues.

Mr. Bower was kind enough to allow some time for a second interview – the duration of which being one hour and 53 minutes that flew by with fun conversation and laughter.

Bower Stix Article Framed

Unfortunately, I recorded on my iPhone and then the iPhone fell in the toilet (by accident – who would do it on purpose), leaving it short circuited and unable to obtain any data from. This equals lost interview #2.

I was totally embarrassed to ask for a third interview – so keeping this in mind, I’d like to share with you some of my research and some of the memories of the conversations I was lucky to have with a guy that I consider to be a staple in the NOLA (New Orleans Louisiana) music movement. And if you don’t know what that is – that’s totally ok neither did I until about 4 years ago.

Check it out – its killer.

Jimmy Bower is a multi-talented musician playing various instruments and also a member of many musical ensembles, from Down, Superjoint, EyeHateGod, Clearlight and even a solo recording on the go.

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Always willing to lend a hand, Jimmy Bower helped out Reed Mullin of Corrosion of Conformity in 2000/1 on the America’s Volume Dealer tour which is when I first encountered him, not knowing who or what he was. That night at the Orbit Room in 2000 made me the fan I am today of Corrosion of Conformity, and it would take me 14 more years to actually realize what an asset this Jimmy Bower is to all that come in contact with him.

Jimmy’s life has really changed over the years now that he is a loving father and husband to all that is TEAM WORM. Everything he does is for his family and the joy from making this choice shows.

From our conversation, I got that Jimmy is the kind of guy that would never ignore a fan. Quite the opposite. Upon arriving at most venues he will walk around outside and say hello to anyone who wants to chat.

Being Cajun though brings out a very different spice to any other person I have ever spoken to.
Mr. Bower was forthright and totally honest to the point where I was not sure how much of the actual interview I could print without someone getting mad.

Jimmy has no shame from his past and if anything is really surprised that he has made it almost to his 48th birthday in once piece. He has a wonderful memory of legends “Dio used to drink Jack and Coke and smoke joints and then get out on stage and sing like an angel!” and “When we toured with Heaven and Hell Tony Iommi did 2-hour sound checks!” just to mention a few.

He called EyeHateGod a very “Virgo dominated band”.

Jimmy also refuses to edit another DVD with Pepper Keenan like he did for Diary of a Mad Band (Down) even though I suggested that they record Down’s upcoming show on August 20, 2016 – as it is the only one this year for them.

Everyone that I spoke to for quotes on Mr. Bower almost mimicked each other.

Walter IV (PHA and the Illegals) said Jimmy is, “One of the most humble hilarious dudes I’ve encountered. He makes it seem like you are hanging out with a family member. A total riot and inspiration to talk and hang out with”

Blue aka Joey Gonzalaz merely replied with this photograph.

Bower 1 Article Framed

Again proving that brotherhood and good fellowship are what make Bower Powerful.

I have actually met him myself a few times through VIPs from Down etc as well as Jimmy even took the time at GWARbq last year to talk to me about an incident that happened a few days before at a Buffalo New York show. In the 10,000 degree heat with his sciatic screaming – he still stopped and heard me out. Don’t know a lot of entertainers let alone human beings who would have done the same.
I have never heard Jimmy Bower say a bad word about anyone.

He does question the stupidity of some people (I guess as we all do) and the world in general.

Overall though, Jimmy Bower is the kind of person that you want in your corner. Loyal, friendly and most of all talented we are lucky to have such a person be part of our human existence at this time in music when there are so many fakes and inauthentic people out there – Jimmy is the real deal.

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If I can get a new battery for my phone and retrieve the interview I promise I will transcribe it. Until then know that the new Superjoint album drops on November 11, 2016 and as Mr. Bower described it “It’s a massive car accident” Which I’m gonna guess is good.

There was also something about an October gig somewhere somehow. So stay tuned and as soon as I know you’ll know!

Thanks Mr. Bower – talk again soon and until then – NIGHT NIGHT!!!!

REMEMBER – The best way to support your bands is to buy merch! Go to a show and if you can’t do that, order something online. Every little bit helps – trust me.

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