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Rebel Machine – Nothing Happens Overnight Review

Released by: Self

Release Date: Out Now!!!

Genre: Hard Rock



Line Up:

Marcelo Pereira – vocals
Murilo Bittencourt – guitars
Marcel Bittencourt – basses
Chantós Mariani – drums



I’m Wrong
Down the Road
Waiting For You
It Doesn’t Matter to Me
Goodbye Honey
Run Away
Nothing on Me
Life is Fuckin’n Good


Rebel Machine are coming with rock from Brazil with an album full of that efficiency and vitality that rock needs.

Actually good new rock bands are coming from all over the world and this is good, rock music unite all the people in the whole planet. Close your eyes transport yourself via a Hard Rock trip.

Nothing Happens Overnight is an explosion since the first notes of the opening “Don’t Tell Me I’m Wrong”, very rough and upbeat and that makes you feel alive. “Down The Road” is another track of pure energy and wild rock that remind me the first Bon Jovi era mixed to something more harder. Nice refrain and guitar play. The quartet composed by Marcelo Pereira (vocal), Murilo Bittencourt (guitars), Marcel Bittencourt (bass) and Chantós Mariani (drums) has the right stuff to become a real success. “It Doesn’t Matter To Me” is another track that rush you into a vortex made of passion and adrenaline.

The 80 ‘s will never leave us…A good inspiration for Rebel Machine that mixed old textures with fresh new vibes.The album is closed with “Life Is Fucking Good”, well, it’s what I can say about the entire work, is just good and this album is absolutely to deserve a place into anyone records’ s collection.


Written by: Valeria Campagnale

Ratings: 9/10



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