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Countdown to Brutal Assault, and stage times listed. It’s going to be huge!!!


There’s less than 2 weeks to go to the Brutal Assault Festival at the Josefov Fortress at Jarom?? in the Czech Republic, and we’re getting excited. The Stage times have been announced, and as with every multi-stage festival there will be some inevitable tough decisions on where to be at any given time.

Thankfully the two main stages (the Jägermeister stage and the Metalshop stage) have been scheduled in a way that should make it easy to alternate between the two to catch most of the higher profile bands.

On Wednesday, we’re looking forward to DevilDriver, Mastodon, Dying Fetus and Abbath. Thursday brings us Ihsahn,Obituary, Exodus, Gojira and 1349. On Friday, it’s Septic Flesh, Terror, Moonspell, Satyricon, Arch Enemy, Unearthand Dark Funeral. And on the fourth and final day (if we’re still able), we’re excited to see Moonsorrow, Agnostic Front,Destruction, Mg?a and of course the mighty Behemoth. And we haven’t even started on the bands on the other two satges.

This is going to be an incredible festival, and we are counting the hours. Join us there if you can make it. If you can’t, be sure to check back after the weekend to see our exclusive review and photos, and start saving for 2017!

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Brutal Assault Festival
Brutal Assault Festival

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