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Italian Rockers Mr. Riot “Same Old Town” Album Review…BENE

Genre: Rock
Released by: Sleazsy Rider
Release date: March 2016

01 – Wake up!
02 – Scream and shout
03 – Rock ‘n’ roll
04 – Mr. Riot
05 – Illusion
06 – America
07 – Sexy photograph
08 – Close your eyes
09 – Wild raw
10 – Spread our love
11 – Same old town

The Band:
Stevie Lee (Lead Voice-Keytar)
Mr. LadiesMan (Guitar Lead-Rhythm/Choirs)
Angeless (Guitar Lead-Rhythm/Choirs)
Denny Riot (Drum-2 Voice)
Edgar (Bass/Choirs)

Mr.Riot is a Hard’n’Heavy / Street / Melodic Hard Rock Italian band, they are having a little place in the american music market with their album Same Old Town, the american dream is coming into their life!

mr-riot Article Album Framed

Mr. Riot is a high-speed train and once on board, the music make us a long and powerful travel.
Same Old Town, for the Greek label Sleazy Rider, is a hard rock creature that looks at the past, although this music comes to us as fresh and very well done.

America is the real spirit of the entire album, the big desire of living the USA when of the hard rock golden age.
We all are grow up with hair rock and the american dream, let this band lives their personal one and make us happy to follow them:

High rhythms like in the dynamic opener Scream and Shout, the trip on this train starts in the best way possible.
The track Mr. Riot is a beautiful chaotic rock and remind us the first Motley Crue era with very strong 80’s imprints, here the band express itself at 100%.
Rock’ n Roll is a hymn to the music we love most, great guitars and cool sound that male us think to the freedom rock music gives us.
In each track the voice of Stevie Lee is an aggressive lunge, supported by band-mates Mr.LadiesMan (Guitar), Angeless (Guitar), Denny Riot (Drum), Edgar (Bass).

Mr Riot Article Framed

Wild Raw could easily be son of a Skid Row song mixed with a Pretty Boy Floyd one, but the good thing about Mr. Riot, is that they don’t compare to anyone. Just fresh new sound made with strong passion.

Reviewer: Valeria Campagnale

Rating: 8/10

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